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Maslows hierarchy of needs, India and the satire of the MTAG-Buddha

Hi dear readers!

I was looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs again. I did it before in classes of psychology and I do agree there are steps, but looking more closely at Maslows model and doing meditation I now decided to offer a model that I agree with more.

I must also add that once you feel motivated to come to the top of this hierarchy, then the lower needs can still be part of your life. However, I believe that you are more likely to spend more and more time in the top level once you’ve tasted it’s sweetness.

And talking about being on top of things…

I could not help to remember this event from when I was in India. He he he. Even if these men in the picture below, likely believing in all kinds of gods and angels, and maybe believing that they are on top of things, at least of the train, let’s hope they question their own belief about population, just a little bit in this moment, for their own sake, just like I question Maslow’s hierarchy of needs today and my own beliefs and yours.

My question is: Do you, as an Indian, really believe that the politicians of highly overpopulated India really are on top of things?

In addition, since I feel awake, I also decided to feel the pleasure of playing around with awakening, Intelligent Union’s logotype, the rose, and myself. I hope you enjoy it.

-Hey! Don’t laugh! It is not funny! I am the moderator of this enlightened network and demand that you do NOT laugh! If you keep laughing to the MTAG-Buddha and his angel-like spirit then maybe he gets less amused and comes to visit you like the flying spaghettimonster!

Pure Love 🙂
Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

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The problem with the overpopulation is solved

Hello dear readers!

I want to tell you about an idea that I got some days ago through a new friend. Her name is Thea and she did her part in saving the planet, just a little bit, just as you could as a part of your weekly routine.

Anyway. Thea believes that there will come a golden age on the planet and that we can become able to live in balance with a balanced population. So I began to think about how this would be able to happen. Here is the result of my thoughts.

I also want to add that no matter which way we choose, happiness and positivity is an attitude, not an automatic result of which way we choose to go in the diagram.

Less good development

Red symbolises the population-growth we have had the latest centuries as a result of more surviving children but continued unchecked economic growth and lack of general family-planning. Red, at some point (the circle in the diagram), also symbolises abrupt down-growth from today’s overpopulation.

Orange symbolises technological advances that makes us able to preserve nutrients and water better, dig deeper after rescources, effectiveness, survive longer through medical progress, etc. etc.

The dashed line in orange symbolises unintelligent technological steps backwards, for example to reduce each other in wars and famine, or for example leaking nuclear waste and other environmental destruction that permanently destroys the living-conditions and poison the planet.

Better solutions

Yellow symbolises the courage and motivation to begin to try to listen to each other instead of seeking conflict. It symbolises peaceful solutions such as general family-planning or other limiting solutions that even religious might prefer before abortion, for example that religious perform duel with each other and in this natural way keep themselves at a sustainable level, in case they neither like condoms or abortions. God can in this way determine whish religion that is “right” at the same time as awakedness is likely to increase drastically.

Green symbolises your increased intake of vegetarian food. You reach even higher when you become vegan or begin eating raw food as all the animals eat it in nature. Maybe you can imagine for example that meat-eaters can have one child and vegans three and all meat-eaters in this way are reduced and vegans increase.

Blue symbolises increased collective consciousness and decreased need of owning things. Blue symbolises having car pools, travelling together, collective ownership, to rent electric car sometimes instead of owning a car driven by petrol, to share sailing-boat with others instead of owning your own speedboat, etc. etc.

Purple symbolises higher consciousness that means that you wake up emotionally. Maybe eat less, meditate and also think clearer longer periods and in this way increase your emotional and logical awareness.

White symbolises enlightenment and that you find, follow and support the wisest individuals or groups that you can find with your special ability. White can also mean that you offer all a positive intelligent alternative or that you help the most promising alternatives you can find.

Pink symbolises everything that increases the probability that all children that are born are wanted and needed, that they have the intelligence to be able to enjoy life and also receives pure love from us all so that they are able to become mentally healthy functional individuals that are able to reach a higher consciousness and true happiness.

Light-blue means technology that completely can change our perception of what is possible. Light-blue is the accomplishments of this in reality. Light-blue symbolises creating or finding a new planet, a new way to be able to live on the oceans, maybe colonising universe in gigantic space ships or to find the ability to create life on a new planet.

That is how far my imagination took me today. I hope you enjoyed it.
Pure Love and hugs

The story of how the animals solved the human population elephant

The dumbing down of the human population had already gone far enough, cheered on by the humans themselves, pushed on through monopolised, corporised and controlled media, so the animals actually did not have to do anything about the intelligence issue to be able to outmanoeuvre the humans.

It was an inventor who discovered a way to make animals super-intelligent and united that finally created lovely results. The animals were already much better than humans in many interesting ways, like sense of smell, sharp vision, camouflage and speed so the rest was relatively easy.

Most animals were actually nice about the whole thing, when they took over mother earth, so they decided to lower the number of the human species in a very discrete “human” and painless way.

Sure. The animals knew about human entertainment. They had been part of it for a while, of course without their prior consent. But this was actually not the issue.

No, you see, the real problem and the cause for the rapid human down-growth and included entertainment, were NOT, in any way, connected to the awful crimes against animals that many humans committed.

No. The animals themselves did not see cruelty as a serious problem. The law of nature was sometimes much more cruel than the average human was capable of and the poor health humans got from eating too much meat and non-organic was punishment enough in most animals opinion.

Instead it was about a far more serious thing than that. Yes. It was about MOST HUMANS INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Yes. It was, simply put, about “the impossible human hamster“, the population elephant. that can’t grow forever. Some humans called it “economical growth”. Other more religious oriented called it a “Gods blessing” and Lions and Tigers were not allowed by the ignorant humans to balance the population even if they really wanted to.

So, the human population growth simply threatened to deprive mother earth of too many species and leave a vast grass land in its tracks, just like had happened before on Easter island.

Some of the more healthier humans had even invented hydroponics and become vegan to postpone the total distaster waiting around the corner, but sadly, only a few of them had the ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION AND THE CONSEQUENCES. Generally speaking, the vegans were like emotional and strong elephants but with all to little ability to comprehend the obvious.

Believe it or not! The method of execution was simply chosen to make the necessary event, a happier event, that could give the bystanders, who DID understand the exponential function, at least a half-smile in midst of the tragic.

Hakan Jubelholt up for execution by guillotine and a ramp aiming at beer bottles in a kind of head bowling

For carnivores with a special taste for certain parts, and who did understand the exponential function, it was a real feast making the rapid down-growth happen.

The ones with weak nerves who did understand the exponential function were naturally allowed to have alternative parties, in line with restoring the planet, during these events. They were foremost vegans naturally.

The execution method was actually donated to the animals as a gift from Intelligent Union – The network for intelligent politics.

The animals gave VIP-status to the few people who at least were clever enough to join Intelligent Union and actively try to enlighten other humans about the nice solution of the problem.

The VIP-status included special allowance to make a lot of intelligent humans, that according to the plan, should be able understand the exponential function in the future and the need for balance in nature.


* Correlation in name, or growth jibberish, with politicians, such as for example Håkan Juholt, is naturally a pure coincidence.

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The Death of the Oceans & Hope

The reality in full display. Thanks also the awsome people who are the creators of these videos and the great minds that work to understand this world and help us to understand more too.

This movie is about the ocean, politics needed, world economy and overpopulation.

May intelligent people soon rule this planet!

Best Regards
Medical Student Bobcat

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