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WHO IS QUALIFIED TO RULE MANKIND VanillaMocha ask 6 years ago Apr 05, 2008 – 7:30PM.

I hear you and today I answer you in direct contact with God, Oneness, Universe, Unity and Awakedness in order to save mankind from itself.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not strictly neutral to world’s politics, because everything affect politics. Society is built on politics and even an animal living in the forest is affected by it. In the name of God – Wake up!

When you state what to do and what not to do with a religious text it is no less political as when politicians do so with an ideology or when a muslim do so with the Koran. It is in no contact with reality or God, because being in contact with God means to deeply listen to God inside and that takes deep contemplation, functioning brain and a functioning heart!

I will explain to you why God’s Kingdom is far superior to any normal human government, you have seen so far, and I am sure most philosophers, including Jesus and scientists will agree.

Clearly campaigning with wealth will not reflect God, force will not reflect God, monarchies with blood descent will not reflect God, nobility will not reflect God, privileged minority will not reflect God or an elite class will not reflect God unless they are chosen by God in the the right way and we all know it.

Democracies will not reflect God unless they follow God. Every form of
authority including religion devised by humans has failed miserably and we know it.

Jesus and many others has proved what contemplation in the desert can do to perfect a man, if not totally, at least very much so. The blind religious followers of such men has proved nothing.

Jesus ability to satisfy man-kind’s needs came from contemplation in the desert. So if I shall not call you a hypocrite, you witness of nothing, then go to the desert and contemplate right now and become a real witness of Jehova!

With insane growth economy, under human rule so far, multitudes of children die of hunger each day, because of the inability to understand the “exponential function”, growth and its consequences. And what did you, you hypocrite do about it? Did you even try to understand it? Or maybe you made it even worse, working for the contrary through religion?

No. We will be able to provide abundant food for all, furnish every family with excellent housing and there will be no unemployment and all will have rewarding work, in balance with nature, but first you have to wake up from religion, ideologies and turn to God and science because with God and science we can do all that and more!

We can today with scientific methods control major storms, the wind and the sea.

We can today with scientific methods provide adequate health care for all and we have more power over illness than ever, also aches and pains that detract from the enjoyment of life and if we manage to be balanced in numbers we will maybe be able to restore the aged to youthful vigor too very soon.

In a democracy we can only end all wars by voting for peaceful leaders and as an individual refusing to invade another country and boycotting any country that does.

Saving the environment has three main components in the equation. 1. Number of people. 2. Level of standard. 3. Available rescourses from nature long-term. All have to be on a balanced level. If one of them goes wrong all goes wrong and then you work not for God but the contrary. If all of them are controlled, all goes right in the name of God, truth and science.

Yes. God will bring ruin to those ruining the earth and already did where they followed religion and over-populated and he does so with scientific mathematical logic.

A peaceful relationship between humans and animals is a reality and science is the very thing that led us there. The earth can be transformed into a paradise but religion must go.

God’s Kingdom by Science and philosophers like Christ, but not by religious, will succeed because it has much less of the weaknesses inherent in human, blind rule.

Only 2% of humans have potential to rule well with right motives and have contact with God. They are super-humans with high intelligence. Follow them! You will know who they are in your hearts and your minds in contemplation!

Religion, politics and authority has been used to mistreat us all, therefore God must be found inside of us and we must let God rule us from the inside through contemplation.


Many Philosophers have existed, many have God inside their words. Now read and contemplate these truths!

As long as these philosophers lives in our minds and in our hearts and we act on them they still exist through us in every moment.

I urge you to grow in your understanding of these facts. Take your action now concerning the One qualified to rule mankind! Wellcome them who are qualified! Even kings are commanded to be subject to them. Learn more about God’s government through God himself in contemlation and help others to do the same!

Experience the blessing that God’s ruling Kingdom is soon here!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Scientific party of Sweden Vetenskapliga partiet


Chart showing not enough food to feed the world

In the Washington posts wonkblog I read about a terrifying chart that shows we’re not growing enough food to feed the world.

We already know about the mathematics why this is happening, we also have the archaeological facts about what is to come and we have had it for quite some time, but the politicians, the scientists and YOU are NOT acting on the knowledge. Why?

I am. Now!

1. Understand the problem deeply before you have any opinions! NOT FLEEINGLY!
2. Join me or be part of the problem!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Leader of Intelligent Union

Swedish politicians accused of war crimes

Hi dear readers!
Today I found something interesting.

Read more about it on.

I believe only a new strong UN can create peace where all small countries of the world come together with a few big ones who are decent.

The lawyer is right here. Swedish law does not apply. A peoples court after a revolution could do it, but not today’s legal system.

The story of how the animals solved the human population elephant

The dumbing down of the human population had already gone far enough, cheered on by the humans themselves, pushed on through monopolised, corporised and controlled media, so the animals actually did not have to do anything about the intelligence issue to be able to outmanoeuvre the humans.

It was an inventor who discovered a way to make animals super-intelligent and united that finally created lovely results. The animals were already much better than humans in many interesting ways, like sense of smell, sharp vision, camouflage and speed so the rest was relatively easy.

Most animals were actually nice about the whole thing, when they took over mother earth, so they decided to lower the number of the human species in a very discrete “human” and painless way.

Sure. The animals knew about human entertainment. They had been part of it for a while, of course without their prior consent. But this was actually not the issue.

No, you see, the real problem and the cause for the rapid human down-growth and included entertainment, were NOT, in any way, connected to the awful crimes against animals that many humans committed.

No. The animals themselves did not see cruelty as a serious problem. The law of nature was sometimes much more cruel than the average human was capable of and the poor health humans got from eating too much meat and non-organic was punishment enough in most animals opinion.

Instead it was about a far more serious thing than that. Yes. It was about MOST HUMANS INABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION AND THE CONSEQUENCES.

Yes. It was, simply put, about “the impossible human hamster“, the population elephant. that can’t grow forever. Some humans called it “economical growth”. Other more religious oriented called it a “Gods blessing” and Lions and Tigers were not allowed by the ignorant humans to balance the population even if they really wanted to.

So, the human population growth simply threatened to deprive mother earth of too many species and leave a vast grass land in its tracks, just like had happened before on Easter island.

Some of the more healthier humans had even invented hydroponics and become vegan to postpone the total distaster waiting around the corner, but sadly, only a few of them had the ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND THE EXPONENTIAL FUNCTION AND THE CONSEQUENCES. Generally speaking, the vegans were like emotional and strong elephants but with all to little ability to comprehend the obvious.

Believe it or not! The method of execution was simply chosen to make the necessary event, a happier event, that could give the bystanders, who DID understand the exponential function, at least a half-smile in midst of the tragic.

Hakan Jubelholt up for execution by guillotine and a ramp aiming at beer bottles in a kind of head bowling

For carnivores with a special taste for certain parts, and who did understand the exponential function, it was a real feast making the rapid down-growth happen.

The ones with weak nerves who did understand the exponential function were naturally allowed to have alternative parties, in line with restoring the planet, during these events. They were foremost vegans naturally.

The execution method was actually donated to the animals as a gift from Intelligent Union – The network for intelligent politics.

The animals gave VIP-status to the few people who at least were clever enough to join Intelligent Union and actively try to enlighten other humans about the nice solution of the problem.

The VIP-status included special allowance to make a lot of intelligent humans, that according to the plan, should be able understand the exponential function in the future and the need for balance in nature.


* Correlation in name, or growth jibberish, with politicians, such as for example Håkan Juholt, is naturally a pure coincidence.

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Jesse Ventura’s quote added with positive power

Thoughts, words and dreams create our future so I would like to turn this quote from Jesse Ventura around so that Universe may hear it too and start to work with!

“Please Universe! Help us control our world! Help us create a clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and copylefted food to eat. Help us create peace, live for a real cause, and build our freedoms for ourselves. Help us learn how to be moderate and reasonable and become one human class, and help us create coins of silver marked with their weight to use for easy and generous trade with each other. Help us free our minds, become awake and to send our own positive vibrations through the airwaves, serve each other and live with dignity. Help us create fair elections, keep our intelligent people safeguarded in rooms with round tables so that focus will be intelligent deliberative discourse and that we can create intelligent basic rights for all human beings. Help us be able to own our own property or be free from it if we wish, work less if we want and still have a good life when robots start to do all the work for us, and help us so that unions will no longer be needed when the law states what is every citizens born right. Help us all benefit from building the future and stabilise our currencies, and may our cost of living will be manageable. Help us share our freedoms with each other, help us get better and more open and inspiring education, and burn brightly like the sun. We are healing now. i can feel it. Gratitude to the Universe! I already feel better because I have the time to read this, time to heal. Help us bring our enlightened selves, the intelligent people, into power, make ourselves rise from our knees and create and witness our own evolution! – Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

What is a “dedicated trusted computer voting device”?

Is online voting safe enough?
Intelligent Unions answer is unfortunatly “no”. It is not safe enough in general, but there is a way to make it safe enough.

The reason it is not safe
The reason for uncertainty when voting over the internet is called “trojan horses“. A “trojan horse” is a programs that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge, just like a virus. The trojan horse will however not be seen or do anything that will raise your suspision. The trojan horse can simply manipulate what is sent and recieved. It can show you what you want to see and do something completley different with the data that is beeing sent from your computer.

How to make it safer
To make online voting safe enough you must use a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device“. This is a gadget that is connected to the PC via USB (not wifi) and it is very crude and easy to inspect if nesseccary. The gadget uses highest possible level of encryption.

Picture of a possible dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Aktiv Demokrati is a Swedish direct democratic political party that seems to have dismissed the idea of adequate safety for online voting even though independent engineers with knowledge have intrestingly pointed out the importance of secure online voting using a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device“.

There are more things needed to make e-democracy safer in other aspects too naturally, like for example open database and using safer operating systems, but the weakest point is usually the clients.

Please vote for parties that do suggest more direct democracy but only if they do take reality of safe voting seriously! The oppsite can not bee seen as very intelligent. In Intelligent Union we can clearly see this need for safety and we will promote standard democracy with increased regular direct democratic voting until we have managed to make this little gadget into intelligent people’s democratic toy.


How to protect yourself against trojans horses:

Dedicated trusted computer voting device

The Power of Your Super Intelligence – A Speech to the World

7 minutes speech.


The Power of Your Super Intelligence – A Speech to the World

In ancient Greece, 594 years before Christ, the people gathered, and they created an intelligent union of people, and we can do it again.

Most of us have ten fingers. Maybe you would like to fold nine of your fingers, or maybe even eight, and let the long fingers stand there as a protest, a protest against something that is not quite right, but this actually leads nowhere.

Therefore, I choose instead to relax, to breathe deeply and slowly. I choose to fold seven and then six fingers and dream of a more intelligent community with a warm smile.

Yes. I feel that there is hope. There is a hope of a “V” as in “Victory”, and it’s all about you.

And five people are actually more than four. Yes. You are important. And if you want to see the truth, and if you want to feel totally relaxed at the same time, you have to actually have the courage to look inside you with full insight, and do what is right with a sense of courage.

The feeling of love and courage is a great feeling! If, for example, we see three people in front of us at a table, and two of these people have their own glass of water. And if we see that two people have the courage to share this water with the person who has no water, then it feels good. I believe most of us agree deep inside that this is something good.

But if this human warmth is to happen in real life, in politics, in the world, we must organize now.

In an intelligent union of people, we actually have to start voting more intelligently.

Because if we want a society, where everyone can feel secure when the cold wind comes in, and if we want a society where everyone wants to interact, we must also look at ourselves, deep inside ourselves. Yes. We must become more intelligent and see the big picture! It’s all about you.

You are already intelligent in different ways, and if you develop and refine your thinking ability, you will be super intelligent with us.

What you must realize with insight about yourself is, that we can all become much more intelligent through an intelligent union. And in the same way as cells in a human body, which work together and give each other power, we can also, all together with nature, benefit from each others’ abilities. And if we all contribute positively to a healthy balance, we will all benefit from it.

I have a dream of an intelligent society.

I have a dream of united ordinary men and women – entrepreneurs and workers, students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors, engineers and retired.

I dream of creating a more intelligent life, which you and everyone can benefit from simultaneously. Yes. You can join in and make the rule by the people more mindful now.

I have a dream of a country where people create peace and intelligent rule by the people.

I have a dream to be proud of you and my country.

That’s why I stretch out my hand to you today, and hope you will give me a powerful hand with your special ability.

It does not matter what party you are voting for today, or what ability you happen to have.

There is hope for an intelligent rule by the people. I think we all hope for that.

This applies to all parties. It applies to the Pirate Party and the Feminists, to Democrats and the Green Party, to Social Democrats and the Centre Party, to Christian Democrats and the Socialist Party, but also to Communists, Conservative and the Liberal Party, and also to you.

Now is the time, to take our moral responsibility seriously, and give every child an education that gives children the ability to feel whole, to have the courage to choose and the ability to think independently.

Now it’s the time, for sympathy to become part of democracy. When used correctly, this super intelligent sympathy, can provide a security that gives motivation and power to all, a power that contributes positively to everybody and to our society.

Now it’s time for us to change our laws so that the old woman’s pension can be secured before the CEO:s bonuses, and it is time that women and men are treated equally.

Now is the time to encourage refugees, who fled dictatorship and corruption, and help them to new courage.

For it is time that we organize ourselves and create an intelligent democracy together across the world. For everyone who has intelligence must stand up with pride, seeing his fear and meet it with courage in every moment.

For the sweetness of the banana and the sourness of the lemon is not on the outside of the fruit. The flavor is inside and you choose the flavor you want to have. Because it’s about your attitude to yourself and about your own actions. And that is why we have every reason for a positive attitude in every moment.

We must also ensure that those who fought for democracy and human rights are given refuge if needed.

And you who enjoy the rights we struggled for, over the past century and you who have shown courage and pride in your country and you who pushed for democracy and actually entered the struggle, Yes you, yes, you actually have a place in our democracy.

Because if you want peace and freedom, if you want more insight, and the right to independent thinking, yes, if you want an objective discussion and a real democracy, then there is hope of a secure future for you and all of us together.

But it requires you to wake up gradually and become an intelligent awake human being, you will be a human that also help others to wake up.

/Intelligent Union

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