when you are ready for intelligent politics


Join the movement by commenting on this post and describe yourself.

You can remain anonymous if you want to. Read more about internet privacy and controversy surrounding surveillance!

Intelligent Union recommends anonymity unless going public is needed.

1. Meditate and think about it a couple of days.

2. Log in or post messages with your anonymous e-mail.

3. Choose a positive intelligent picture and a positive intelligent alias.

4. If you choose to increase anonymity with sunglasses, hood, wig, beard etc. against hidden and visible surveillance cameras please be positive and have humor about it and be relaxed and enjoy it with intensity.

5. Tell us about:

  • Knowledge
  • Your level of enlightenment
  • Special abilities
  • Education
  • Limitations, such as problems with alcohol or other mental problems.
  • What you’d like to contribute with
  • How much time you have
  • Ambition
  • Where you’d like to focus (locally, nationally or globally)
  • If you are interested in a personal campaign
  • Any special requests
  • Your approximate rough location (bigger area)

6. Intelligent Union decides about your membership and your function and will give you more important information to study.

Comments on: "Join" (1)

  1. robertalmgren said:

    Hi, thanks for inviting me to join this wonderful portal, my blog is http://www.nuovatradizione.wordpress.com and my e-mail is robertalmgren@live.se , so what is the next step? Namaste!

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