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Intelligent Union recommends increased insight through just beeing, silent retreats that really are silent or just  meditation or introspection or similar in nature or in a silent beautiful place sitting in lotus or half-lotus or similar. For some it has spirutual or hallucinatory value and for some it is just interesting.

Watching what is next in your mind, removing the unimportant, watching with a keen interest, humor and courage what is presented by the subconscious.


Comments on: "Insight" (3)

  1. I have done a lot of meditation these last 2 or 3 years. My life changed completely. The perceptions of everything is different now. What I mean is from situations, persons, life style, health and also from thoughts. It is amazing to see the power thoughts have on ourselves and then see how that power is released.

    Doing meditation we liberate the mind. We leave space for new experiences, new understanding, wisdom, and new lessons. For me it is the ground of a human being and my personal inner connection with Oneness.

    I dream that everyone can achieve this satisfaction, inner peace and faith that everything can be improved if everyone puts in their sand grain.

    🙂 Congratulations for the new blog design! It is much more friendly, cozy and in relation to a life full of color.


    • Thanks for sharing this with all of us and I agree with you that the design is much more friendly, cozy and in relation to a life full of color. 🙂 I am happy with it too. It is beautiful.

  2. This is exactly what all parties will add to their membership application process in the future to be able to get any votes at all. Thankfullness for that. 🙂 Aum!

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