when you are ready for intelligent politics

China had a One-child policy for a long time. Now China has adopted a two child policy. The Two-child policy came into effect three days ago.

Some think it is too late, mostly people with no knowledge about resources or simply blindly religious, but these blind religious people did not analyze the recourses we have on the planet and did not think long-term, something that is a good ability for a politician or anyone trying to get into it.

Because growth is unfortunately like an impossible hamster that thinks it can double for ever (Youtube-clip 1 min) eventually leading to environmental destruction, wars and cannibalism. So looking at population without looking at resources is down right imbecile and unfortunately there are many of these imbeciles around in western politics and that is what I try to change with the Swedish Scientific party. (Translated to Swedish with google translate)

So I feel I must say congratulations to China for being so successful in lowering the population. If the country now feels ready for balancing with a two child policy I say congratulations again to China and all its people.


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