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Congratulations to China adopting a two child policy

China had a One-child policy for a long time. Now China has adopted a two child policy. The Two-child policy came into effect three days ago.

Some think it is too late, mostly people with no knowledge about resources or simply blindly religious, but these blind religious people did not analyze the recourses we have on the planet and did not think long-term, something that is a good ability for a politician or anyone trying to get into it.

Because growth is unfortunately like an impossible hamster that thinks it can double for ever (Youtube-clip 1 min) eventually leading to environmental destruction, wars and cannibalism. So looking at population without looking at resources is down right imbecile and unfortunately there are many of these imbeciles around in western politics and that is what I try to change with the Swedish Scientific party. (Translated to Swedish with google translate)

So I feel I must say congratulations to China for being so successful in lowering the population. If the country now feels ready for balancing with a two child policy I say congratulations again to China and all its people.


Atheism can replace religion but there is one more BIG condition

In Psychology today I read about Why Atheism Will Replace Religion.

And must reluctantly say that I disagree. I would love to agree, but the world is actually running out of resources and the population is unfortunatly still growing.

This means that we, my dear scientists, must first organize and support this Intelligent Union movement politically to solve the problem so that we can give the people a high living standard and balance with nature at the same time.

If we are successful, then civilisation will stay intact and not end like Easter Island. If you do nothing, then you are part of the problem, my dear scientist. That is not an opinion. It is a mathematical fact…and if that was too hard for you, here is a quick one.

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson

None of the rebels were Syrian

Read all about it!
None Of The Rebels Were Syrian

My own conclusion is that this was a staged outside attack by mercenaries supported by Israel and Nato and not a real rebellion.

New beach flag for more future intelligence

I decided to bring all important things into one flag.
I would love some likes or other opinions.

Merry x-mas from Martin

Direct democracy is forming on Wall Street

Hi dear readers!

It is always lovley to have you here.

Today I had the pleasure to see a very good interview made by Paul Jay from The Real News Network.

The demonstrators on Wall street want to change the economy, the bank system and have created general assemblies that exercise direct democracy.

Paul is in an interview at Wall street together with a man that knows what he wants and is worth listening to, in my opinion, even if the things he is prescribing has to be analysed deeper and not too fleetingly.

He talks about voting and public discourse and creating an informed citizenry able of critical thinking. This is right up our alley. This man is most wellcome to become a member of our Intelligent Union network if he decides to do meditation as well.

Martin Gustavsson

Maslows hierarchy of needs, India and the satire of the MTAG-Buddha

Hi dear readers!

I was looking at Maslow’s hierarchy of needs again. I did it before in classes of psychology and I do agree there are steps, but looking more closely at Maslows model and doing meditation I now decided to offer a model that I agree with more.

I must also add that once you feel motivated to come to the top of this hierarchy, then the lower needs can still be part of your life. However, I believe that you are more likely to spend more and more time in the top level once you’ve tasted it’s sweetness.

And talking about being on top of things…

I could not help to remember this event from when I was in India. He he he. Even if these men in the picture below, likely believing in all kinds of gods and angels, and maybe believing that they are on top of things, at least of the train, let’s hope they question their own belief about population, just a little bit in this moment, for their own sake, just like I question Maslow’s hierarchy of needs today and my own beliefs and yours.

My question is: Do you, as an Indian, really believe that the politicians of highly overpopulated India really are on top of things?

In addition, since I feel awake, I also decided to feel the pleasure of playing around with awakening, Intelligent Union’s logotype, the rose, and myself. I hope you enjoy it.

-Hey! Don’t laugh! It is not funny! I am the moderator of this enlightened network and demand that you do NOT laugh! If you keep laughing to the MTAG-Buddha and his angel-like spirit then maybe he gets less amused and comes to visit you like the flying spaghettimonster!

Pure Love 🙂
Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

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