when you are ready for intelligent politics


Intelligent courage

You will, in our network, have the courage to challenge all other parties for the coming elections, but our courage is however reasonable. You will only run for elections, together with us, as a party, if there is a reasonable chance of getting in. With a big active support, by members in all parts of the election, there will be a real chance for success.

Intelligent development

You are willing to develop further with good intelligent arguments that have facts supporting them.

Intelligent energy level

You will contribute to a high, positive level of energy balanced with periods of rest and introspection.

Intelligent self-confidence

You have, or will soon have, an intelligent balanced self-confidence that is based on the truth, stands on solid ground and can be successful.

Intelligent feeling

You and all the members of the organization regularly do introspection/meditation to reach an intelligent feeling.

Intelligent stability

Stability within the organization has been created for you by having the central parts  controlled through absolute consensus by individuals that do regular meditation.

Intelligent choice

You and all other people that become unified with the intelligent functions of the organization are encouraged to do the right choice and contribute actively.

Intelligent charisma

It is important, for all of us, with spokespersons in media that have the intelligent charisma that the organization want to radiate. The organization rotates these tasks between all charismatic individuals that participate.

Intelligent competitiveness

We want to win the upcoming elections, take over and install intelligent people in the right positions in society. We will train people to win by positive conscious intelligence in every moment. We will win by winning against our selves in every moment.

Intelligent environment

You will contribute to a positive and intelligent environment for the growth of the organization. You will be encouraged to take care of your own environment, where you are and you will enjoy this moment in every moment.

Intelligent network

You are the one building the organization as one important node of the network. When you meet another intelligent person with potential it is your ability to act and react that will make the movement grow.

Intelligent role-models

All of us have intelligent role-models and we share knowledge between us. We will analyze and use our role-models in an intelligent way, refining texts and quotes in a positive intelligent way for the future.

Intelligent lust and passion

You will, every day, find the lust to do something positive and intelligent that is in line with the organization because the organization is completely in line with what you want to accomplish. In the organization there are also people that will make you feel that you want to participate and you will at the same time spread this feeling to others in the organization. We encourage each other.

Intelligent economy

We encourage, everybody participating, to all kinds of economical gain combined with the ability to save money and endurance. The money can, at certain moments, be invested in good things by intelligent individuals in order to create intelligent politics.


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