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Dear William Engdahl It was very interesting to se your youtube-clip The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation where you condemn GMO, Monsanto and The Rockefeller Foundation. I am personally against all GMO-poisons and planned mass murders if that is what is happening…


We must not complain about the problems we ourselves are creating and in your video I can sense that you avoid talking about the meaning of the words you condemn.

So. I must not only link to your official page but also ask you:

1. Have you seen “the most important video you will ever see“?

2. Have you listened to Doctor Julian Cribb about the coming famine?

3. Have you listened to Jared Diamond about The End of Easter Island?

If not then I suggest that you do. Next.

4. Do you know what happens when people run out of food?

5. Contemplate for a while, breath deeply and answere theese question!

6. You question eugenics and selective sterilization. Why?

7. Are you in favour of children being born healthy and intelligent?

8. Are you in favour of children lying in the wombs of healthy intelligent women?

9. Are you in favour of children living their lives able to understand things?

10. What population numbers do you think is reasonable on this planet and what do you base that number on?

11. Do you believe there is famine when a population outgrows the resources?

12. Are you against women rights and their rights to birth control?

13. Your parents are from the very religious area of Minnesota. Are you religious?

14. Do you want the population to continue to grow exponentially?

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Leader of the Scientific party of Sweden

Comments on: "14 questions to William Engdahl about The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation" (1)

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