when you are ready for intelligent politics



1. Martin from Sweden video clip 1, video clip 2.
2. Maybe you? Send your youtube-link!

A person that is appropriate to deliver the message for Intelligent Union is intelligent and positive with his/her words and has the calmness in most situations that can contribute positively to a peaceful intelligent discussion.

Spokespersons have the ability to motivate others to join and speak in a way that can attract many people. The important thing is not to be absolutely perfect but to admit ones own human  limitations with acceptance and clarity.


A blogger who is able to connect our message to the world effectively can join this site or can have their own site that can be listed in the blog-roll. We do not ask for perfection, but willingness to follow the general idea and strive for perfection is important.

A healthy positive mind

This is a collection-point of intelligent and mentally healthy people that post in the right spirit of intelligent unification. That does not mean you can be critical to things, but we must at the same time describe positive intelligent possibilities. A good rule is that 1 challenge require 5 positive things that sees possibilities for positive change.

People with other types of intelligence

People with challenges on the above areas can still help the Intelligent Union, because even if you are not completely  successful in becoming intelligent in all areas, you can still be very intelligent or have a high function in other areas and contribute to an intelligent organization with many things that has to be done.

<a href=”https://intelligentunion.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/logo-web-iu-2-panel.jpg”><img title=”logo web IU 2 panel” src=”https://intelligentunion.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/logo-web-iu-2-panel.jpg?w=300&#8243; alt=”” width=”300″ height=”168″ /></a>


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