when you are ready for intelligent politics


Wise politics through insightful individuals

The most important thing first. With wisdom you can create intelligent politics that will benefit all on a long-term perspective. It is not only about being enlightened in the leadership, but also about your own wisdom. For only wisdom can lead to you becoming active or at least vote for something intelligent.

Insightful individuals with different backgrounds has alway transmitted good ideas and we are impressed by wisdom, we listen, we discuss and we understand things deeply before we decide anything.

Tree girls in lotus position in order to reach more insight

Be open! Be calm! Do not believe a word we write! Think deeply and think for yourself!

During human history there has been much wisdom transmitted to us and it is now easily accessible even for you and the wisdom has increased successively through all these individuals insights. We want this wisdom to uplift our politics and our own actions so that politics can get a long-term perspective again.

“Don’t believe anything, no matter where you read it or who said it, it does not matter if I said it, if it does not agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” /Buddha

Apple on the head in lotus position

We can feel that it is working well and we recommend you to do meditation as well and take a look at your own inside before you even vote on any party and before you decide to become active, so that you can contribute to the enlightened deliberative democratic process. You and everybody else who is active can in this way be open for new ways of thinking, for new feelings, for new facts. It is also about your own focus in your own life so that less important things can be sifted effectively so that you can begin to think long-term.

Man with apples in his hands in lotus position

You can become super-intelligent by beginning taking deep breaths and by creating order in your own mind!

Holistic perspective and the importance of using the right words

To be able to contribute positively it is important that you and all active members can see everything with calmness, holistic perspective, an open mind, be awake and mentally clear. That is why love and believable belief must be encouraged so that words that are positive and have the same meaning for all can be used in order to create harmony and order. You must also be able to change your mind when you are not right so that political discussion can become meaningful.

Apples on sarong in rainbow colour

See all aspects of a problem before you solve it!

Only follow the positive enlightened deliberative democracy if it stays on this path!

So the thing we want in Intelligent Union is a calm, free and open discussion in your TV, a conversation between mentally calm and mentally healthy individuals that you can follow, who seek and transmit different facts about the order of things and that really value each others suggestions and try to create suggestions that has big unity.

(It is, for example, not seriously intelligent and wise to call people who are against a certain kind of religion, because of it’s undemocratic standards, for racists or call all socialists or democrats Communists where the definition of both words have completley different meaning for both parties and at the same time does not correlate to the public definition. This does not lead to a respectful discussion and does not have any place in a discursive democracy. Words like these are only to be used in the real meaning in a discursive democracy and the person who wants to put a description on themselves must simply do that themselves. Then there is a base for a respectful discussion that can lead to new insights.)

Rich nature and a good life for all through down-growth

Now we will look at the Intelligent Unions most important political point. A point with serious consequences that might not be so easy to understand, but is the most important point. The rest of the points are not at all important compared to this point. They are merely complementary.

Surprised man at his computer

Down-growth? – What

At first we did not want to believe in the facts that we collected. We were deeply in thought when we analyzed the consequences. We who always had believed in the magical word “growth”. Growth is unfortunately like an impossible hamster that can double for ever (Youtube-clip 1 min).

But positive as we are, we have now found a possible solution. We believe that we can create a balanced society where renewable resources are there for everybody and everybody can have a life in quality together.

Mother and daughter with apples

Everybody should be able to have food, be happy and live in peace.

But first the truth. Our resources, quality of life, healthy soil with ability to be cultivated, healthy fish, clean rivers, green trees are under serious threat by overpopulation combined with lack of oil, lack of uranium and the lack of land to cultivate. The food and the resources are beginning to get more and more expensive and the food, that before could feed billions of people is now, on top of this, being fermented to fuel for cars driven by ethanol.

Opening refrigerator marked with ozone friendly environmentalist

It takes more than only you doing the right thing. It takes more than all doing the right thing. It takes down-growth.

Sure. You can eat and drink less, buy environmentally friendly food, take the train or the bus, bicycle, become vegan and sit more in peace so that the food and the resources that you are using lasts for even more human mouths to feed, and sure, you can help to create a more healthy environment with your private effort, but this will still in the long run lead to disaster if the problem of the overpopulation is not being addressed already now.

highly over+populated beach

Did you ever see the overpopulation yourself?

With a positive proactive action we can protect the trees, bind the earth to the ground and keep the nutrients in a healthy sustainable way, if we realise what has to be done and that we already now must change our culture. We in Intelligent Union have a pretty positive solution to the problem, at least a much more positive solution than all the other alternatives we found in politics today. The only ones in the world that seems to have thought about this except us is China’s leadership. Let us hope they are successful with their down-growth of the population and that they, at the same time, realise that economical down-growth is intelligent.

T-shirt Stop greenhouse effect.

It is not enough with a t-shirt. Down-growth is needed.

We would be very happy if you want to help us to disperse the fog already now, put in the reverse already before we collide with the iceberg, so that we can remain floating when the down-growth begins, because it is a huge ship you are taking responsibility for together with us and it will take time to bring it down into a reasonable speed. It is not only about your land, but about the whole planet, your home (Movie 90min).

Family from Mali with apples on a beach.

Do you want everybody to be able to eat enough food all over the world? That is what we want. We want to solve this problem permanently, not fleetingly with too little help all too late. We are therefore in favour of down-growth.

Ask yourself how you would like to live on this planet and how you would like the future to be for your children and your grand children! Do you want them to have abundance? Do you see a good reason to create a balanced population on this planet? If you want to create a good life for all, instead of a population elephant, and if you want to create a healthy down-growth we suggest that you help us right now.

The number of individuals can now easily be controlled and balanced consumption can and must become reality now before the resources run out like they did on Easter Island that faded away in devastating environmental destruction, war, cannibalism and steep uncontrolled down-growth.

The population of the world in a diagram

Former times in black, growth in blue and our vision is a controlled peaceful down+growth in green. (picture from Wikipedia)

We have now reached “peak human numbers”. The concept “growth” must now be re-evaluated from being something we believed could continue forever to be something that of course never could, because the planets resources are limited. The earth is round like a little ball in Universe, like an apple with a thin shell, where only the shell contains the living organisms that should try to live in balance.

Man in lotus position balancing two apples in level of the horison.

Balance is good.

Instead of creating money out of thin air to stimulate consumption we can create politics with healthy taxes and healthy money systems that can contribute to a healthier economy. But a change to another money system, which today many economical scientists suggest would only solve the problem on a short term basis and does not solve the basic problem of an impossible hamster that doubles forever (Youtube-clip 1 min). Only down-growth to a balanced level solves this problem on a long term perspective, and today, in the politics of the world, there are hopefully more and more individuals, who after deep thought, will begin to realise this together with us in Intelligent Union.

Family planning

After deep discussions with individuals, inside and outside Intelligent Union, we have reached the conclusion that it is reasonable with a one-child policy for approximately 100 years, so that the quality of life for all can be good when the down-growth of resources now begins. This applies to every country and is of course dependant on what living standard and balance each country aims for. Family-planning is a long term and acceptable solution that seems to stand up well to examination from scientists.

Discussions and cooperation in all of society

Democracy is of course not more important than our own survival and the planets survival but it is high on our list. We think that it seems reasonable trying to accomplish an awake objective unified discursive democracy, a so called deliberative democracy. Because it seems logical and emotionally correct to focus on unity between all citizens in a community so that all pull in the same direction, together like ants cooperating, but we must cooperate for down-growth and balanced equality if want a functioning democracy, both in short term perspective and in long term perspective. If society can remain united, when the down-growth is happening, the democracy can be protected and calmness can remain in society during this change. Change of political system does not change the basic problem and does not guarantee anything to become better even if world war with nationalistic, ethnic, religious or racist reasons of course have the potential to lower the population drastically. We do however prefer the peaceful way.

Three girld in sand dunes sitiing in lotus position.

It is not enough if few or even many intelligent individuals begin with the down-growth themselves. On the contrary, this can lower the planets average intelligence. Intelligent Union wants both to increase intelligence and lower the population at the same time.

Tolerance against intolerance

Tolerance is high on our list, because if calmness in society is preserved through tolerance we we can keep the open democracy in the country and outside the country and let peace and discussions lead to a population down-growth in harmony. So, right now, we have made the conclusion that we as mentally healthy “tolerant individuals” actually must meet intolerance with “tolerance” if we want to call ourselves “tolerant” and if we want to be able to participate in Intelligent Union. Yes. It seems as if pure love only can begin with pure love. We have actually not found any better way to deal with the issue that feels worthy to believe, but we are, of course, open for better suggestions.

Meditation or free help from psychologists to extreme racists and anti-racists

We believe it would help us all if we we could help the ones suffering from “culture shock” and “hatred against culture shock” by offering psychologists that can listen, show respect and real compassion with them, and also show them positive opportunities that are here for all of us to enjoy, a life full of pure love and wisdom and the possibility to contribute in a positive way.

English man with woman from Mali hugging

The taste is different. Everybody likes different, some likes everything and that is naturally completely ok.

Because even if you do not like everything that is happening in your society you can still try to contribute positively and solve conflicts with deliberative democracy. The alternative is not very peaceful and not very appealing.

Couple from Colombia where the man has dark skin.

We must learn to to show respect to the fact that we do like different and it has to go in ALL directions. We must respect racists, of all races, who likes their own race as well, so that racists who see themselves as better than others also can live in harmony in society, no matter what racial preference they have.

Discussions and referendums

Most of us also have the opinion that it is time for more individuals to have increased rights for influence trough decisive referendums, just like the ones that exists today in Switzerland, even if we in Intelligent Union want to have discussions that works for suggestions that are in consensus and are respectable and mentally healthy and complete. We are also in favour for priority-voting and budget-voting where intelligent people participate.

Time for digital deliberative direct democracy

The time it takes to make well-founded decisions has now become accessible to more individuals in society because of rationalisations. Individuals that have the ability to be politically active and care about their society should naturally be able to be part of the process.

Will digital deliberative direct democracy be safe?

Yes. We have the opinion that it is reasonable with digital deliberative direct democracy. It can be made safe and save society much costs in the future if we wish to. We have, so far, only found good arguments for this future vision if it is combined with deliberative democracy and reasonable protection. We have even made a preliminary design of a complete solution, a so called “dedicated trusted computer voting device” which shall be given to individuals that understand that deliberative discussion before voting is the core of democracy.

dedicated trusted computer voting device

Dedicated trusted computer voting device

Keeping the democracy intelligent

The deliberative democratic order must naturally be protected to be able to keep intelligent individuals in Intelligent Union and thereby contribute to a logical and emotional discourse that leads to mentally healthy decisions. The ones that do not understand that deliberative democracy is important or do not understand the principals and can stick to them may simply not enter the deliberative process but can still work with other important things that contribute to Intelligent Union and society.


The school will also be controlled by research and the ability to think in new ways if Intelligent Union is allowed to decide. Deliberative democratic reasoning will guide teachers and students.

Boy that looks with love and sympathy on an adult man full of shame and holds his hand on his shoulder.

A young independently thinking individual can often have more to contribute with than a lost adult.


It seems reasonable in many aspects that the patients and their families can make free and mindful choices and that medication happens with full knowledge about different alternatives. Pills containing better substances, complimentary treatments, alternative knowledge and a relaxing environment is probably a guarantee for healthier patients. If the focus becomes to keep healthy, cure sickness and create a good feeling, it will benefit both society and the patients in the long run on many levels. We can then probably create a more healthy caring free time for all employees and patients in the health care and we can then share the work at the same time as everybody’s economy is secured by balanced equal politics. To care for and be cared for with Intelligent Union will simply be both more intelligent and interesting for all involved.

A picture of a younger woman holding the hand around the shoulder of an older lady with an apple on the beach.

With the right attitude, an open mind and modern technology simple things are easy to accomplish.

Different environmentally correct alternatives must be discussed openly and mistakes made by health care must be admitted openly and discussed objectively. It is ok to make mistakes. We are only human. Both feeling and logic must lead to choices of treatments. Then we will probably create healthier individuals that also feel perfectly fine.

Care for the ones with bigger challenges

Thanks to good intelligent rationalisations like technical innovations we get more free time. When the free time increases for all, more time can be spent on voluntary care for the ones with more challenges. This brings real happiness to all and is part of life. Many people have this inner calling to serve others and it brings them happiness. The gratitude increases when we see each other and when the help is warm real and human. The people with challenges can have many important lessons to teach us because we all have challenges to handle even if all of them can not be seen on the outside.

Yes to our country and yes to the world

It seems like unions like for example The Soviet Union (film 5 min.), EU och USA, but also the globalisation in it self, increases trade across borders, increases wars and increases transports. Since we instead of this want to save the planets resources we want every state in the whole world to be united locally, because this means less transports of stuff (film 21 min) that then can be produced locally. Another aspect is that fair equality, development and fair competition then is likely to occur with equal possibilities within the same political and taxpaying sector.

Meaningful work for all and citizen salary for those who do not want to work

In a society everybody should feel oneness and have good life, like cogs in a machinery. All cogs should have oil so the machinery works well. Therefore we suggest that we lower unemployment to about 2-3%, as it was at the time of Olof Palme in Sweden, before the november revolution (Movie in Swedish) that put Sweden into high debt and permanently high unemployment.

The impossible equation of “creating jobs” at the same time as companies are trying to remove and rationalise does not compute well of course. To create lower working hours and future citizen salary is of course a natural development, but this should be created after the land has become more self-sufficient and all vacancies that actually has to be performed has been filled.

Remove and rationalise jobs but keep a healthy balance of trade

We have to keep a balance of trade, so the country does not become in debt to other countries, and also because all jobs, that needs to be done, not always is so beautiful, even if everything can be made nicer. To pay a citizen salary to the one who does not do a necessary work becomes acceptable when work is seen as something that individuals want to do but is no longer available for everybody.

Peace and a strong defence

After an emotional and logical analysis it seems correct with peace. Only the ones financing war and single producers of war material benefits from war in a short term way. Nobody else, not even soldiers that are forced to take risks and especially not nature.

It also seems as if warmongering nations had made both more money and had more peace of mind from peace in the long run. But we should be honest. There is all reason for war and soldiers sometimes.

For in a world that still does not understand that peace is logical in the long run, a land must be able to defend itself and be ready to defend itself like an immune-system attacking an infection. Countries that are constantly in war and are being attacked in return are like sick patients suffering from aids and are doomed to suffering unless they get an intelligent treatment.

It seems, with our knowledge-base, therefore logical to contribute to peace and the defence of democratic values by building a strong people’s defence that practice for war in peacetime, just like the people do in Switzerland, the country that effectively kept itself in peace for a long time.

We shall have a broad people’s defence where all that participate have deliberative democratic values even if the order of command of course always must be there for effectively reasons in case of the need for quick decisions.

It seems like peace creates democratic development. It seems like peace builds nations. It seems like peace creates willingness and ability for people to

Peace creates tourism instead of migration

Peace creates democratic development. Peace builds nations. Peace helps people enjoy their own countries and also other countries through tourism, by which different cultures can be experienced by those who want it and not be forced upon others. All countries in the world can become peaceful with positive carrots from us all. If our country and all individuals with an awake consciousness contribute to peace, then more children, women and men will be able to keep their arms and legs too.

Migration happens naturally to peaceful and functioning countries and when all countries are enabled to experience peace and a good honest function through the help from all off us migration will only happen because individuals like another culture or out of real love for another individual. In such a situation we can get unified cultures that unifies people for real and creates harmony and safety in society.

Peaceful active influence through tax on borders and political support

We want to create unity and peace internationally through giving lower taxes on the borders as a reward for countries that choose governments that behave respectfully towards it’s own people and against other populations. We want to help courageous individuals to create intelligent deliberative democracy in their own countries and organise the reconstruction of them. We want to contribute actively with gear and voluntary men to the defence of organisations and countries that defend a peaceful intelligent deliberative democracy.

Harmony between ethnic groups

Everybody shall be respected that follows the law of the country and behave respectfully towards the citizen of the land. New citizens and inborn citizens, together or separated, can in mutual respect avoid culture shock symptoms. ALL shall be respected, even the ones who suffer from culture shock symptoms. We can begin to understand that not all of the inborn of the country and new citizens can take the pressure without ending up in unhealthy racism and anti-racism. They need our help to feel comfortable.

It is not always easy to become an enlightened individual

Therefore there must exist places for exercising religions and traditions as long as they follow the law and is in harmony with our democratic freedoms and rights and harmonise with the local people.

Apple on head

If you want to have an apple on your head this should be allowed no matter how intelligent it might seem. Laugh, smile and love it!

If a city decides that traditional sounds should be allowed the whole town affected by the sound must agree to this, even the citizen who has the night-shift must be respected. People locally must in biggest possible consensus use reason to begin to understand what is reasonable with respect for ALL citizens.

Enable integration and assimilation

We are in favour of mixed residential areas and companies where inborn are in majority so that integration and assimilation can happen effectively and we are also in favour of completely inborn residential areas and companies where only inborn can live and feel harmony. This is because ALL must be respected. We are strongly against segregation where new citizens become in majority and where local dialects, local schools and local cultures instead prevent integration and a successful life for new citizens in the country.

More decisive referendums and a free media

We want to create positive objective discussions about reality before referendums, which means that media must be opened up for deep discourses where all existing parties that wants to contribute actively to the discussion are allowed to be part of it in a fair way in relation to their size. Then media can be called objective and work well in a deliberative democratic society. An intelligent direct democracy becomes possible with such a deliberative discourse.

Protect all children

We want to strengthen the child’s right to physical and mental protection. Children are most of the time created perfectly as they are and shall have the right to their own bodies and own mental development in a healthy way. We want to strengthen all children’s rights to develop as healthy responsible individuals with confidence and calmness about natural human feelings and a respectful behaviour towards others.

Install age limit for circumcision, piercing and tattoos

Children shall keep all their body parts and be free from manipulation on their bodies until they become 18 years old unless there is a proven and well documented medical reason for treatment. We are also of the opinion that laws and rules for adults within this field can be reasonable since all of us are not always mentally conscious.

Respect for democratic freedoms, rights and physical safety

Nobody shall be called degrading words when they freely choose to exercise their basic freedoms and rights that flow through our society and all should be able to feel safe. Mental health is to respect democratic freedoms and physical safety. People who don’t must receive professional help, and if mentally health does not occur, be permanently held captive or be moved to a culture where such behaviour is accepted.

Keep the party lines within the parties so that all individuals know what they are voting for

Instead of holding on to the names of parties in a cramp-like style on parties that completely have changed direction, Intelligent Union encourage more new parties that holds their lines and chooses to cooperate in the elections to get in to parliament and get past different limitations. We believe that this will protect democracy better in many different ways. The people will then also always have worthy alternatives to vote for that have a real chance to get into parliaments and the democracy will then function much better.

Balanced immigration and emigration

Because of the down-growth that is happening Intelligent Union wants to have a balanced immigration and emigration. Miserable conditions that comes from growth-preaching politicians and religions leads to overpopulation, corruption and war and this must be solved locally and on a basic level, where the root cause can be seen clearly, not by running away from the real problem, but by understanding it deeply.

Intelligent Union can see the root cause and we shall focus our help to where it will have best effect in a long term perspective and we believe it is all about stimulating awakening from opium-like beliefs and to begin to get a believable belief based on facts. Then all who wakes up will want to have a down-growth of the population.

Cultures can integrate and develop into more intelligent cultures

Different cultures are not automatically intelligent or does not automatically create more intelligence when they meet, but this can happen with positive constructive and intelligent attitude where we deeply value what we are actually doing.

It seems reasonable that our culture, when it is now developing, benefits balance and the survival of the planet. Healthy physical activities can be mixed with higher consciousness and thinking.

Cultures are different human behaviours that separates ethnic groups from each other. Cultures does not normally strive for unity with other groups. Cultures can be more or less honest, healthy, colourful, happy, respectable, humane and peaceful.

Cultures can be seen as different programs that determine the general behaviour pattern of individuals and ethnic groups and different individuals are programmed to different levels by their cultures just like you are.

With different behaviours you can experience positive and negative things, depending on how you look at it. A culture that lures you into laughter can for example be seen as something positive.

Men from different cultures

It is natural, when different cultures meet, that culture chock and culture collisions occur that can lead to conflict. It is most of all valid for the one that comes to a completely new culture and has left the own culture, but it can also happen to the one experiencing a massive immigration. Homesickness, over-idealisation of previous state, fear, anger, hate, suffering or depression are completely normal reactions.

Most find a way to reach balance and some never do and some suffer from mental insanity ĺike for example racism or anti-racism and then need inner motivation to retreat in silence or get help by psychologist or get calming medication.

In Intelligent Union we understand all aspects and try to find solutions that respects all and lead to a mentally healthy society for all. We do this by looking a little bit deeper on different results from different cultures and ponder about what is actually reasonable.

An excellent way to deeply understand what cultures, that for example encourage overpopulation, leads to is to read deeper about the problem and possible solutions or simply visit an overpopulated culture and experience the quality of life that the people have there and experience other phenomenon that has occurred there. You can do this either as a tourist or by trying to live and work there a longer time.

After a cultural experience/shock you can then use reason about which culture you prefer and why and how you in this case want to preserve your own culture or create a positive change of your own culture or even invent a new culture from these facts and experiences.

To find some kind of balance between multi-culture and cultural exchange is clearly mentally balanced and healthy both for you and everybody else.

overpopulated train in India

An experience from an over-populated culture that still does not believe in down-growth. Did you ever ask yourself why people do not believe in down-growth?

Mental health in combination with cultural exchange occurs by learning how to enjoy what different cultures has to offer in the present moment and then contribute positively in different ways to increased insights about the order of things to all.

If you want to learn about different cultures we want to encourage you to longer visits in other countries so that different cultures can be seen and experienced a little bit deeper than only food and clothes.

with nijab and without nijab and an apple with and without nijab.

No matter what culture you prefer and no matter where you should live there is every reason to try to talk about what culture is reasonable and why. Is it for example reasonable to wear nijab in an open democratic society? Is it really reasonable to outlaw people to dress as they wish? A deliberative discourse can give us clarity about why people wear them and increase understanding and make a decision together in consensus of what is reasonable and why. A motorcycle helmet is also covering the face. Is that to be banned also? We must talk about this and reach a sustainable solution.

If you think that old cultures should belong to history you are now contributing to completely new and modern cultures. This de-programming and self-programming that leads to a completely different behaviour is a natural reaction and can be a positive and constructive. Maybe you have an inner will to change in depth?

Men  pissing together

Ping-e-ling. But be awake even with new cultures! To pierce the penis can for example lead to you pissing on yourself or on the floor in an unaware moment.

We in Intelligent union are not so attached to the outer appearance but smile a lot and enjoy it. We encourage you to look at your inner “lower you” and the “higher you” which we believe leads to real mental health and super-intelligence.

Create balanced equality

It seems reasonable with an equality that is acceptable for as many as possible. It is naturally not balanced with too much equality, but also not with too little.
We want a sustainable balance where people can go up and down between the classes. 99% of the population must make it possible for 1% to get into the society by so called deliberative democracy. Yes. Everybody has to be able to feel like they are being treated in a fair way and also be given approximately equal opportunities to succeed.

A society means that all are in it together and live in it supported safely by each other even if everything not always can be perfect for everybody. Deliberative democracy, so called discursive democracy, where everybody shall be respected, is naturally the thing we should strive for. Intelligent Union want to give the ones with an unbalanced view of this meditation retreats or help from psychologist that leads them to a human balance and harmony so that they also can become functioning cogs in the machinery of the society.

Respect for different beliefs and sexuality

It seems reasonable to enable individuals free choice of sexuality and belief, religious or non-religious, at the same time as we can help each other to appear respectable to each other. A balance between freedom of religion, but also freedom from religion seems reasonable for us. That means that babies only at the age of 18 should be able to belong to a religion and that all children must be enlightened about different beliefs and other important knowledge before they themselves choose independently which belief that seems most believable to them. We want to give all individuals the safety , right and security to change belief based on intelligent arguments and to be accepted in their own personal development at the same time.

Two women holding each others hands.

Respect for individuals being themselves.

Privacy, patent rights, creative rights and freedom of speech

It seems reasonable with less general surveillance and more privacy for all citizens in a free equal and relaxed society. There is really no need for cameras everywhere if crime rates are kept low by making the society function fairly. It also seems reasonable that we work for a modern and more timely management of patent rights and creative rights, especially now when we are faced with a down-growth where we all should cooperate as effectively as we possibly can and help each other.

We should naturally also increase the rights for the police to investigate suspects and at the same time take care of individuals so that all can be motivated to an intelligent and respectful behaviour. The most important thing is however that this is accounted for afterwards and follow given laws and rules.

It also seems reasonable that our country gives political asylum to individuals that publish evidence of war crimes and misuse of power that potentially could lead to punishments in countries where democracy and freedom of speech now are limited.

Binoculars directed towards over-populated beach

It is you as a citizen that employs politicians in the election and it is the politicians that then controls the authorities. It is representatives and authorities that should be surveyed generally in their work, absolutley not you as a normal honest citizen.

Change the focus of the police

Increase the resources for the police in order to create a fair and legal business climate within the country and change at the same time the traffic focus of the police. free speed with intelligent recommendations is sufficient for intelligent people. Protection of wild animals and information about safety or slippery roads is better focus.

Apple on handrail over highway

More freedom in traffic!

Intelligent individuals that drive with the sun in the back on dry road without meeting traffic should feel calm and safe ro give full gas sometimes. Free thinking, free speed and free design and control of vehicles will also benefit the survival of intelligent mindful people.

Legalise drugs

The society is sometimes experienced as less soft and individuals sometimes feel that the quality of life is not so good in the stress for more and better stuff to impress individuals they really do not like. Some then choose to hide in the world of drugs rather than to find positive solutions to better their lives for real. There is something positive in this running away as a first step. It is the realisation that something has to change.

We have sympathy with all making mistakes and want to protect all individuals from bad and dirty drugs, furthermore benefit an honest legal trade with drugs.

We want to legalise the drugs, use quality standard and warning signs, furthermore offer safe places for intake of the drugs as a protection for both individuals and society. We also want to offer free inner guidance to become free from drugs for the ones that wants to take care of their problems and se the truth on a deeper level.

Help the help-organisations

It seems reasonable to help help-organisations that has an intelligent and fair distribution of salaries within the organisations and that focus on the real solution that is called down-growth, for example through sterilisations of over-populated areas, not only focus on the symptoms that is called suffering people. We know that their existence is built on suffering people, and that people give them more money if they show you a skinny baby on posters, but to create less suffering should actually be their focus, not to create more suffering people by feeding and enable more human breeding in areas that has been hit by suffering due to overpopulation for ex. through a religion or stupid politicians babbling about “growth”. The world has to go towards down-growth instead.

Honour writers, politicians and media

We want to honour writers, politicians and media that throughout history created a better and more intelligent democracy and who stood up for down-growth when needed, deliberative democracy, peace, balanced equality and freedom of speech. We also want to create good security for intelligent democratic politicians so that they can live long and contribute with good honest politics. Because we must remember that all are not equally intelligent and that it is a real challenge to get everybody up into the power of their own super-intelligence.

Gratitude to all of you who contribute positively and constructively

Gratitude to you who told many that Intelligent Union exists.
Gratitude to you who joined to support a healthy political future.
Gratitude to you who volunteered as photo model for free.
Gratitude to you who contributed with your own texts that has been published on the site.
Gratitude to you who contribute to our vision.

You all deserve to have many intelligent babies that you can bring up in a way so that they understand the exponential function deeply and then will help us all with a politics that can create down-growth.


Of course down-growth can easily be created by yourself doing it, like Buddha did, but consider the result in all Buddhist countries! They are now meeting the same destiny as us even though there are a huge number of monks and nuns living in celibacy there. Our conclusion is that ALL must in to the same balanced down-growth politics and the ones with a little bit more intelligence that did understand the exponential function deeply should instead be encouraged to fill their quota so that the intelligence finally can start to grow on this planet.

Create your own intelligence in conversations with others and please do begin with Intelligent Union’s policy in this discussion! Are you conscious? How can you become more mentally healthy? Are the ingredients in your life healthy and responsible? Do you eat healthy? Do you do something that contribute to the greater good? Do you have an ability to see connections better than others? Should you spread your genes to new individuals? The survival of the planet depends on you answering as honestly as you can.

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  1. […] But, good news for you, my dear friend. In any moment, you want to, you can go up to that mirror on your wall and begin to really really love yourself, to become something really loveable, a real angel, that actually begin to understand things deeply, begin to be able to think in many steps, get a believable belief and really begin to solve the problems we face in this world. Very important problems. […]

  2. […] our rents, consume less and grow organic if we can find the inner motivation to do so. We can join intelligent political networks to offer people better alternatives that actually heal this planet and we can spread happiness […]

  3. […] Maitreyas will enter our lives in this age Soon they will center in groups for the change […]

  4. […] Happy’n united also with animal fully enlightened and friends with the cannibal […]

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