when you are ready for intelligent politics


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Intelligent Union

We want to:

  • Create active, responsible, positive people
  • Create intelligent relaxed and balanced people.
  • Increase awareness of all
    things. (Knowledge)
  • Stimulate connection to the
    inner feelings. (Feeling)
  • Create the courage to think
    new thoughts. (Thinking)
  • Seeing through fear by seeing ourselves as small  in universe. (Love)
  • Participate actively in intelligent discussions. (Discourse)
  • Create intelligent unity between people. (Consensus)
  • Let all intelligent people vote directly and influence politics. (Direct Democracy)


The leader is good arguments. You lead by good intelligent arguments and positivity with positive words that contribute positively to the intelligent development. You motivate yourself and all of us with your intelligence in every moment.

Intelligent Union = Intospection/Meditation + Knowledge + Feeling + Thinking + Love + awareness + Discussion + Consensus + Decisions by people.


The most important start of your membership. Relaxation and calmness protect your brain function and create harmony in your everyday life. Insight, introspection or Meditation allows you to see the truth of things, see your own challenges and weaknesses and learn about your own ego and after that be able to think more clearly and objectively.


As a member you also read selected writings in order to activate the entire brain and to be able to see the truth more clearly in the present moment. Knowledge without Insight, Introspection or Meditation is however like a fish without the sea. Hard to keep alive. You can also see it like a donkey carrying a lot of books on it’s back unable to implement the knowledge.


If you do not already do so, you can now choose to connect to your feelings and learn how to feel more in the present moment. Feelings without knowledge and thinking is like 20 children in a candy store. Wonderful but very naive. To much candy is not good for anyone.


If you do not already do so, you can now choose to read the intelligent writings and quotes and learn how to analyze them and think clearly. Thinking without feeling is however like saying to a corpulent woman that she is corpulent. True, but unintelligent because a corpulent woman that hears this is not likely to get motivation for a happier healthier lifestyle.


Understanding that not all are as intelligent as you and that mindfulness is important in changing the world. We do not try to hug crocodiles. We avoid to say the truth to the ones that can not stand it, but inform them of the potential of super-intelligence instead.


Discussions between relaxed and intelligent thinking people lead to good argumentation and open analysis of facts that support them in a happy intensive quest for the truth. Discourse with the things above can be intelligent.


Only love can replace fear. To get out from lizard-like behavior, into a full human state where both sides of the brain connects effectively there must be love, peace and understanding inside. With this willingness of Love, intelligence is possible.


Good argumentation can lead to intelligent unified agreements where democratic decisions are only needed as a confirmation. A willingness for consensus can not come without intelligence.

Intelligent direct democracy

When the above things are fulfilled, then intelligent direct democracy can actually happen. With intelligent people, in a direct vote, we can decide between paths that have equally good arguments and facts to support them. Naturally in a democracy each path must have a big support and has been created in unity to be able to pass.


Comments on: "Policy" (3)

  1. Thaks for the invitation. Yes. I would love to join.

  2. Midnightbreeze said:

    Very interesting ideas and thoughts. This is necessary today! I would like to see it grow and become a large network…

    • So then you’d better join it. Because if you do then there will be enough intelligent people to make the intelligent dream come true.

      We are breathing deeply and waiting for you to become more intelligent too. 😉

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