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What is a “dedicated trusted computer voting device”?

Is online voting safe enough?
Intelligent Unions answer is unfortunatly “no”. It is not safe enough in general, but there is a way to make it safe enough.

The reason it is not safe
The reason for uncertainty when voting over the internet is called “trojan horses“. A “trojan horse” is a programs that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge, just like a virus. The trojan horse will however not be seen or do anything that will raise your suspision. The trojan horse can simply manipulate what is sent and recieved. It can show you what you want to see and do something completley different with the data that is beeing sent from your computer.

How to make it safer
To make online voting safe enough you must use a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device”. This is a gadget that is connected to the PC via USB (not wifi) and it is very crude and easy to inspect if nesseccary. The gadget uses highest possible level of encryption.

Picture of a possible dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Aktiv Demokrati is a Swedish direct democratic political party that seems to have dismissed the idea of adequate safety for online voting even though independent engineers with knowledge have intrestingly pointed out the importance of secure online voting using a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device”.

There are more things needed to make e-democracy safer in other aspects too naturally, like for example open database and using safer operating systems, but the weakest point is usually the clients.

Please vote for parties that do suggest more direct democracy but only if they do take reality of safe voting seriously! The oppsite can not bee seen as very intelligent. In Intelligent Union we can clearly see this need for safety and we will promote standard democracy with increased regular direct democratic voting until we have managed to make this little gadget into intelligent people’s democratic toy.


How to protect yourself against trojans horses:

Dedicated trusted computer voting device

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