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Military and police joining the USA revolution and Sweden does not mention it

Congratulations all people in the USA. I love you all. Your most needed revolution against financial fraud is spreading. Here comes my support from Sweden, where nothing about this in our own controlled news. I guess our secret censorship has gone far enough now?

Thankfulness for the American soldier trying to wake up the police so that they join the USA-side instead of working for the banksters.

Even if a few assholes still follow the banksters orders trying to make it slightly more difficult could actually be helping you. Hot food is not as effective and healthy as you might think, actually. I want to inform you all that there are good warm clothes and sleeping bags and that dried fruits and nuts ar tasty and will keep you going in the coldest conditions imaginable. Raw vegans like Bill Clinton can probably tell you about the benefits too if you do not believe me.

If the police gets violent it could be swifter than a long winter though, because the police breaking your constitutional rights gives you the moral and maybe even the legal right to act with more power, in my opinion, and guns are not lacking in the USA. But ask the police to stand down first! Give them a chance to join you or at least survive when you are upholding your constitution! Be as gentle as you possibly can! The police might be less intelligent sometimes, but they also work for you most of the time.

All protesters are hoping that the police also soon will wake up and realise that the constitution has to be defended from the criminals that hijacked their country and now will lower their salaries and pensions too and even make their president look bad by putting their country in huge deficit.

The police has to uphold the constitution and begin to arrest the ones who give them orders to go against it! Nothing is more reasonable than that actually. USA needs a new democracy, in my opinion, and he police has to understand that the constitution and the people stands above any other laws.

I am sure they eventually will understand this and I am grateful for that. It is just a question of time. Thankfulness. Intelligent deliberative democracy by the people would be nice for all in the USA including police and military.

Your common enemy are the banksters and the politicians that did not yet have the courage to arrest them or restrict them, the ones applauding these guys more than your elected president are the guilty ones!

My advice is that you form a new political party directly controlled by the people through a committee that keeps it intelligent enough and then present it in the next election. Democrats not joining an intelligent deliberative direct democratic movement are not real democrats and should be considered to be conservatives.

I recommend that you put this man in charge, a fighter for a better democracy and jewish too so they cannot play the anti-Semitism card against you when you replace a lot of these greedy bastards.


What made USA and Israel become embarassed in the UN?

Here it is. Finally I found it. The full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN that was hidden from us in our own media when it happened. He is suggesting that ‘9/11 was an inside job’:

Judge and think for yourselves!

Best regards

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