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There is a global revolution going on and The Stimulator is reporting

I quote the Stimilator:

“… unless your eyes are covered in main-stream media manure you know that there is a global revolution going on.”

Here is The Stimulator’s latest youtube-clip.

I can just report back to you, my best regarded Stimulator, that my eyes have only been partly covered in main-stream media manure lately and only in order to awaken others through my blog so that people who read it can get a different story through me.

In Sweden the censorship-machine and it’s obedient reporters are reporting virtually nothing about these incidents. I am dissapointed with them.

If they become awake, then let’s hope they will help us to inform the public about what is really going on, because that is probably their real inner calling that will help us all to heal together.

Then we can maybe also avoid the following scenario: RAP NEWS 7 Revolution spreads to America Occupy WallStreet with Pilger, Mahfouz and Glenn Beck from YouTube.

Anyway. Thanks to you and a Swedish movement called Vaken.se wich means “Awake” and all your nice clips combined with clips from Noam Chomsky from Democracynow.org, The Zeitgeist movement and much more coming to me through different channels I am still pretty mainstream-media-manure-immune and have alternative versions of the truth.

Removing the TV out from the living room has also helped me alot even if manure has an interesting perfumed smell in the way they package it.

Just be ware of the economic hitmen! Keep safe!

Thankfulness for your reports. You are the best Stimulator I ever experienced but the Japanese dude in your clip definetly needs a better telepromter to put it mildly.

Why not help him to write a better dialoge to read before you put him on your show?

And now to something I would like to report on and the real reason for the riots and something that clearly indicates that the solution alone might not be revolution at all, but controlled down growth.

The most Important video you will ever see. This video will make you understand that we have reached “peak everything” and from here on it will go down hill no matter if we make revolution or not.


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