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Why “The people not motivated to be lawful” likes David Duke

Anyone who listens on a few episodes of David Duke will maybe wonder why “The few people not motivated to be lawful”, who he describes with very good and interesting facts, does not “take care” of him? … I choose to say “take care” just to put it in a nicer way…

Well. My own idea is that they actually like David Duke. Obviously you might ask yourselves “why” if you listened to David Duke talking less good about them.

Just take a look! Anyone who tries to investigate David briefly will actually find the non-objective description of David Duke in English Wikipedia and might then not feel motivated to examine the subject more deeply.

I want to point out that there is no discussion allowed on this Wikipedia site and David cannot even point out where he has been correctly quoted, or not, so we do not know what is correct unless we listen to what he has to say about it himself.

So, as it is, with this, David Duke is at the moment actually “The few less lawful ones” perfect friend and a perfect alibi because of his background in a very well known, less normal, strangely be-hooded, less scientific organization, that he himself confirms being part of, but thank does not seem to support actively today.

So. These facts above are actually the very thing that actually is David’s best security and, at the same time, probably his political curse. All of “The few less lawful” want him alive and maybe these “few less lawful ones” will even try to protect him because of it. He is simply too good to be true for them. He is their very best friend… or should we say a perfect adversary alive?.

But anyone with a brain (yes, they do exist), listening to some of David Duke’s latest creations, will know that the text in English Wikipedia about David Duke is a political document controlled by supporters and politburos working for “The few less lawful ones”, directly or indirectly, and has nothing to do with what David Duke actually represents today. Yes. If you doubt it, then do take a closer look yourself!

And for David Duke, if he reads this, I would like to point out that there are more of the “less lawful ones” and not only “The few less lawful ones” of a “special kind” and they are all involved in what we call The Military-industrial complex and they do not exactly aim for the down-growth we actually need to stay in balance with nature and that is why we will not see peace happening until more intelligent people are in control.

With such good people, with hearts and brains, we will also solve the population matters that we all face together IN A HUMANE WAY.

But let me point out that I do believe the controlled population-down-growth and following world peace will be solved by scientific people with both a higher IQ-level and a keen sense for balance with nature. Yes. It seems scientific people are much more likely to be free thinkers leading themselves and they also seem to be more lawful, for that matter. Let me give you some intelligent people to consider! Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt or Julian Cribb.

And if I was one of the “The less lawful” with inability to feel oneness with people with different looks, described by David Duke, I would be far more upset with any lawful person with similar background as myself and an obvious higher IQ, like for example Noam Chomsky. Noam Chomsky, one of “their own kind”, as they would see it, condemning “The less lawful ones”, for their actions. You see, Noam is one of the right persons to enlighten the ones who needs enlightenment in this case. Why? Simply because important people will listen better to him because of his background and their own inability to feel oneness with people who look different.

Just listen how he enlightens them! It is wonderful. That is the way to do it.

So excuse me, David, but may I suggest you do continue to talk and quote, and begin to quote good people like Noam, and begin to quote people who describe the possible future in a good way and people who actually present a vision that is nice. Because, you see, David, that the very words we use create our future and that is why I did my best to put my words in a nice way for all of us today.

Take it as a positive inspiration and get a good feeling that I have seen you, I heard you and I understood your fears and I could see your courage and potential for even more courage. In every moment we can only do our best. Nobody is perfect.

So. Thanks in advance to Universe for world peace, happy children with intact arms, legs and fully functioning brains living happily in harmony with nature and with each other and let all people live and let all cultures develop into more humane ways, side by side, all in harmony and in balance!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Political leader
Scientific party of Sweden (Vetenskapliga partiet)


Germany prepares use of D-mark instead of Euro

In a Swedish newspaper e24 I am today reading about peoples opinions in Germany about the old beloved currency called D-mark and I guess any political party in Germany that wants to restore the beloved D-mark has a good chance of winning next German election. The support is high for the old currency.

After a search I also found this English Daily Mail article about the D-mark.

Many Germans who embraced the EU after WW2, seeing it as a way to preserve peace and forge new business opportunities, now view it as a vast, unaccountable, bloated bureaucracy that stole their beloved D-mark and gave them the struggling euro.

I must now also congratulate our Swedish politicians for staying out of the project called Euro. Joining EU seems to have been a mistake for most, EMU even worse, but now let us learn from it and continue in a better way together in an Intelligent Union of people!

Changing currencies is part of the fun of traveling so I welcome the old D-mark back. Gratefulness for the sun after the rain. Gratefulness for awakening after sleeping.

Hugs to all and stay awake!
Martin Gustavsson

Swedish politicians accused of war crimes

Hi dear readers!
Today I found something interesting.

Read more about it on.

I believe only a new strong UN can create peace where all small countries of the world come together with a few big ones who are decent.

The lawyer is right here. Swedish law does not apply. A peoples court after a revolution could do it, but not today’s legal system.

A revelation from God – Jujitsu and Chess to the religious – Peace to the enlightened

Motivated by His Holiness Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson member of Intelligent Union I am reading Julian Cribb & Associates Discussion Paper “The coming Famine” and it confirms previous writings in this blog with clear facts and evidence.

It also supplies me with Jonathan Swift’s interesting dictum:

“And he gave it for his opinion that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together.”  (Jonathon Swift, Gulliver’s Travels, 1726)

But in my opinion Swift was a little bit too swift in his conclusions.

If he had fully an deeply understood the exponential function (growth) his conclusion might have been far more enlightened. Because dobling of the population through dobling of harvest will just lead to the same challange all over again. You do not exactly have to be a mathematical genious to understand this, however you must be awake and not too swift, not fleetingly pass the truth by, but deeply understand it.

When you deeply understand the logical conclusion, then it is evident that any leader who enables down-growth of the population would do more essential service to their country and the whole world than the whole race of todays growth-promoting politicians and any agricultural scientists put together.

Furthermore the logical conclusion must be that any politician who protects his country’s land from mass-immigration and over-population has not only made his own country a great service, but also will enable his own country to help other countries when they begin to deal with their own down-growth of population, absolutely not by feeding the starving in a short term aimless way like some do today, but by beeing a good example and an inspiration for the suffering nations who must wake up and change their own cultures into mindful ones.

In my opinion “food for sterilisation” is a humane way and also humane in long term perspective compared to suffering slow death through famine or mutilation through war. Even swift execution by guillotine in a millisecond and cannibalism seems less inhumane than famine to me. Maybe it is not politically correct to compare suffering like this, but it is however a really honest reflection worth considering, in my opinion.

So what does religious people have to say about this?

Well, I found something very interesting in a paper with the same name, “The coming Famine” from the Unity In Christ.

I quote:

“That kingdom, when established, will permanently solve the world’s food
verses population problem, and not by limiting world populations, which
will virtually explode in that age to come. … Maybe God can show us through his Son how to do it right, when he returns to earth.”

They, who seem to believe that unity is not a binary word but can be attached to Christ, basically keep encouraging over-population and hoping that God will come to this earth and solve the problem for them. Hm… Hm…. Maybe I can help them? Sometimes I believe there is something higher speaking through me.

Ok. I pray to God that we find a good way! Thankfulness in advance that I will see the opportunities when they arise!

Aha! Suddenly God spoke to me! Thankfulness! God told me that we should arrange challanges for people who want to have many babies, so that they may compete against each other in a way so that one baby will result in the weak meeting with God. In this way God would like to keep humans in balanced numbers and perfect us according to natures principals.

Hm… maybe it is not the answer you might like to hear, or were expecting, but it does however enable everybody to do their thing until God arrives, avoiding abortion, since a competition like this is not considered as bad as abortion because the involved has a choice and a possibility to win with God’s help if they are not ready to meet him.

I believe many who dislike abortion will like this solution much better. Haleluleja!

The win for a skilled person wanting one more baby will occur by the death of two others. If for example two couples want one more child then two adult persons has to “meet God”.

It can be completley bloodless, relativley swift, humane and according to the principals of nature if for example the rules of Jujitsu are applied and if the technique of choke-out is used.

Wich person that is the chosen one to “meet God” is thus determined by god himself in every moment.

People who are against violence might want to choose alternative methods where other challanges, like for example chess, will determine the outcome, where for example sedation and injections are used to make the weak “meet with God”.

The Enlightened Baby from Dagens Glada Nyheter in direct contact with God

Video – Muslims and Atheists together towards the future

It is about a future that probably will be more equal now, if only peace can be obtained. And now it seems as if there is a good change happening. Because the peoples army is on the peoples side.

”The military is very welcome”, according to the swedish newspaper Aftonbladet

It is now the people in Egypt, and the other liberated states, must strengthen their peoples army and protect their new freedom and never let go of it.

Fredrik Reinfeldt, Swedens prime minister,  express himself in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet about this.

We hope for growth …

Fredrik. You have missed an important thing. Let me take over now for a while! Growth is not intelligent in an overpopulated world. The evidence is here in this youtube video.

No. The planeten is NOT endless!

Also secular muslims (and preferrably fanatical too, may the profet rest in peace) must in the whole world realize the same thing. Reduction of the population must happen now.if we want a sustainable world. And if you should be mad at something then you should do like Manuela Abdallah, 16 years old, be very pissed because her travel was cancelled.

“I was angry. I want to be on a beach and sunbake and bathe”, she says.

Hold on to your dream of sunbaking again soon, Manuela!

Beach swing Koh Payam

Best Regards

[Problem solved] Wikileaks

They are the problem. We are the problem. You are the problem. I am the problem. They are the solution. We are the solution. You are the solution. I am the solution.


Let’s look at the people in the Wikileaks history and then let us take a look at you!

Hillary Clinton and most leaders of the world
Are you really surprised that diplomats are encouraged to spy? Did they not do this always? I do not see this as something out of the ordinary at all. The diplomacy based on openness and sharing should of course be the principal for an intelligent development, but is it? The solution is courage by all leaders of the world. Do the right thing! Do the intelligent thing! That is your job and that is what people expect you to do. Start now!

Julian Assange
Does a potentially false accusation of rape really have news value? If this is news value it is so because people high up decided it. And if it was published does this not violate publishing ethics completely? And did Julian really produce something that we already did not know? Did we not know that invading trigger-happy soldiers shoot innocent people already? Did we not know that all wars rip the body parts of innocent victims all the time? Did we not know about the effect of plutonium warheads och unborn babies? Did we not know that the bank mafia is a corrupt system? Yes we did know unless we had our eyes completely shut and our hands over the ears and repeated a mantra without meaning. Julian did not say anything important that we did not already know.

Are you surprised that diplomats let out their anger and frustration in private e-mails when faced with stupidity? Did you never do that? Of course you did. You did whine and you did complain like a little baby to others many times. Maybe you do not expect it to be in the light of everybody in the world, but hey, does your frustrations or a few diplomats frustrations really matter?

The Bank mafia
Are you really surprised and did you not already know the big hoax of this century? Come on! You did know. Did you not know that the bank mafia in cooperation with the politicians constantly rips us off?

Did you not support this stupidity in you daily actions? Are you not afraid that all your private e-mails will be published? Are you not using their counterfeit money produced out of thin air? Are you not a bimbo being impressed by the whistle blowers acted “James Bond” behavior and getting all wet in your panties? Are you not voting for politicians who now supports the bank mafia and the invasion of other countries? Did you not buy products from countries that invades other countries? Are you innocent then you are not human. Then you are a super being. Apply for membership in Intelligent Union instantly and if some parts are still missing then apply anyway!

Well at least I did my best and I am not perfect. I still have fears and issues, but I also have dreams about the future that can come true if many people join me. How about you? Did you face your fears and did you do anything good lately?


The Unifying Scripture

My name is of little importance because I am one of you. My intention with this text is to unify all living beings on this planet we call earth. Do consider with a clear mind what I write! Agree or disagree! 

We are all one in oneness. Please do worship intelligent people and do feel respect to their words and please be tolerant to the ones that have other beliefs!

Use ceremonies very sparingly with logic and respect to other beliefs! Be respectful for the ones that like silence and sleep! Be respectful in architecture and clothes to the culture you are in! Do quote and discuss! Think for yourselves!

Put yourself on the same level as everyone else because we are all one! Put it into perspective of the time I was living in and let your own mind and consciousness guide you!

If you adopt this text into your life you might want to say that you feel unified with all other people and all living beings. You might answer to any question of your religion that you are unified. You might answer to any question of race that you are human. You might answer to any question of country that you are a citizen of the world federation. You decide.

When we are unified as one planet living in harmony and balance, then any other intelligent beings will be able to trust us for further unification and exchange of knowledge.

The Beginning

We know nothing about the beginning but we can believe different things.
We can believe it was created in seven days or millions of years. We may also believe in an eternal circle of beginnings and ends.

The Prophecies

All beliefs reflect the beauty of good and are very similar in many ways.
They all have followers who believe in them.

We can believe that the world will end a certain day, that things will happen according to a certain prophet or believe that the influence from often read prophecies sometimes can come true just because we believe in them and that we therefore tend to act so that they come true.

Some think that the future can be seen in glass balls and some believe old scriptures contain the answer. Some believe it is destiny and some believe we can change the future. What ever we believe we can only act in the present moment. To do good and do right and feel good can only be done in the present moment.

The Prophets

The people who wrote good things, whatever we call the state they were in were important. We may say they were filled with God, were the son of God, wrote good, were enlightened, had a good feeling or were very clever. Good people want to follow their example and also live as they preach.

People filled with goodness, peace and understanding in what they wrote are all very important and good for us. They can all inspire us to do and feel good because they said so many good things for us to consider. That is why we keep them in our hearts and minds and consider what they wrote or said.

To fully understand we should always put the prophets in perspective of the time they lived in and what was happening in their environment to fully be able to understand why they said the things they said and why it was especially good at the time they lived.

It is also good to go to the source itself so that all the beauty and detail of what they said can be as accurate as possible and be considered by you directly. Also consider that people sometimes remember things differently and the true wisdom must be found within yourself.

The creation

That everything exists around us is something to be amazed of and we should all try to enjoy this creation together.

We can all believe different things, either with a holy scripture as evidence or with some other evidence. Whatever we believe, how it was created or became can just be imagined.

The amazing creation with all the beauty is there for all of us to marvel about and enjoy. Put all stories of creation in perspective and understand that they all strive to describe a thing that we can be amazed by and enjoy in the present moment.

All stories of creation seems to have a good purpose. We are curious being and seek to understand. See this kind of understanding as a nice spice in life.

Any story of creation can be interesting regardless to evidence.

The present moment

In the present moment you can act. Try to be mindful in the present moment! If you want to change the past you’d better start in the present moment because it will instantly become the past. Just accept it!

The future can be imagined but is unknown. You can only affect things in the present moment. Actions in the present moment will have an effect on the past in the future and of the future itself naturally. This is true also if you believe in destiny.

If you broke a promise to yourself, then forgive yourself and plan on how to act better the next time. If you are very present in the moment you will succeed with what you really want.

Your time lies in every moment in your life. You decide in every moment how the sum of your life will be.

If you believe in eternity, in rebirth or that your life ends when your life ends it will surely happen in the present moment. The result of your actions will have consequences and you or other beings will experience them.


Love. The invisible thing that naturally binds us together as couples and groups and also as living beings. Love seems to be without boundaries. The more we love the more we smile. Love is unselfish. It is given for free and given in abundance. Love comes naturally when we are relaxed and full of confidence. Love radiates positive feelings and feels good inside when given and when received. Give it to all beings and feel the joy of pure love. Give it to people who still has to learn how to love. They need it the most. Take time with them, listen to them and then they will listen to you. Love always wins.


As living beings we sometimes have passions. This is natural. This is a way for us to enjoy, reproduce and to connect socially. Be passionate and enjoy! Enjoy passion with respect to yourself, others and your culture. Be tolerant, balanced, loving caring and stay healthy!


Peace comes with relaxation, confidence and mindfulness. To listen and fully understand your new friends. What they did and why. Responsibility for ones own actions and loving caring compensation will keep you happy and relaxed. Be a winner and make your new friends into winners too. Forgive when compensated.


Understanding comes with activity in combination with relaxation. A relaxed mind is able to be enlightened, filled by good or god. To analyze your own thinking will make you into a person who understands yourself, others and every thing that surrounds us.


If god is good then godlike things can be done by all of us. God or good can be activated in all of us. Good things can be made by anyone regardless of belief. A god is something that you worship. Regardless of belief, it is good that we worship the things we really want to worship.

So, if we are mindful with what we really want we will be more successful in worshiping what we really want to worship. So let us be honest with ourselves!

Look at yourself and what you spend time with! How does it feel? This is what you worship right now. In your present moment you can instantly decide to change this worship into a worship of the things that are really good. It is your decision. Do good and feel good!

The purpose of life

The purpose of life is to live it. If you enjoy life it is obvious. The will to live is usually strong with all living things. And the end of life seems to come to all of us eventually. If you can enjoy the present moment there is purpose in your life. You can focus on the good things in life in most situations. You can do good and feel good in most circumstances. Choose a good purpose in your life and feel good!

Men and women

Women and men have natural roles. Women and men individually should consider their roles. The roles of women and men are sometimes cultural or religious, but can also be very logic at the same time. In different times and different places we have decided to change our cultures. They will keep changing.

Not all individuals are the same and what is good for different individuals can differ. We should respect all the roles we as individuals choose and make sure that everyone can be happy.

Change of belief

We should respect when people choose to believe in something different, because a believable belief is of course the best guarantee that people follow their own belief. Some people change their belief very easy, others need evidence and some experience a strong influence from a large group that eventually changes their belief.

Some believe we must all believe the same thing to be able to be in harmony and some believe we can choose to believe differently and still live in harmony. If you ask yourself why you believe the things you believe you will realize that we believe differently simply because our lives were different.


As a child you look at the older children and adults for good role models. You are searching for a role model to copy. You try different ways to handle life. Confidence and good feelings comes with relaxing. Sometimes a stable loving family makes you relaxed and sometimes you find it within yourself.

A god start in life can be very nice and keep you focused on learning and otherwise you will have a good potential of succeeding in becoming a happy loving person anyway if you have a positive attitude. Copy good role models and spend time with the people you like!

Teachers are sometimes good role models. You will recognize them by the relaxed feeling you get in their presence. They will make you feel good and they will be able to find things that you are interested in and that makes you enjoy your present moment. They will inspire you to do good things in life.


Living in physical and mental health increases the chance of a good life. Having both is a bliss. Having mental health is naturally the most important for a good life. Your mind increases your joy by having a positive attitude.

Your mind can dream beautiful dreams and create beautiful fantasies. Sometimes people prefer the fantasy instead of reality. For them fantasy is sometimes reality and they live in bliss.

With a very strong and healthy mind you can affect your body and mind and heal many things. You can sometimes heal yourself, others and even heal a whole planet into a healthy life and attitude. A relaxed mind is more likely to be healthy and affect the world in a positive way.

Keeping our environment as natural and pure as possible will increase both physical and mental health.


Drugs can seem beautiful for the untrained mind. The mind is however much more powerful than any kind of drug. When the mind lack the capacity we sometimes use drugs instead of feeling and being in the present moment.

Sometimes we want to prolong our lives with drugs. Real happiness and a long healthy life comes from acceptance and listening to our own feelings, our mind and our body. By seeing the beauty of things around us and by increasing happiness around us with natural methods we can live happy lives without drugs.

Using only natural ways of relaxation and mindfulness can dramatically increase your time on this beautiful planet, your happiness and your health.


Money is pieces of paper and metal. Money is based on trust between the people producing them and the people using them. Trust the trustworthy! If there is trust and peace the money keep its value. Remember that food is easier to eat than pieces of paper or metal. There will be times of little food and in these times money will loose its value. Be mindful in good times and prepare by storing food! Food kept in a good way always keeps its value.

Respect to living beings

If it feels right for you then let live and if so then be vegetarian or vegan. if you are naturally carnivore and it feels right for you then do end the life of the animals you want to eat yourself and do eat but treat them with respect and keep them as happy as you possibly can before they are eaten, because we are one with the animals too.

To take what is not given

If you feel you have to take what is not given make sure it is for a good unselfish purpose and that you share it in oneness with everybody and that you first of all take from the ones who took things that was not given to them and the ones who took without sharing in oneness.

Singing and dancing and beautifying yourself

Dance in a natural and personal way that is good for your body. Sing in a beautiful way that is making people happy and that makes them smile. Play music that only affect the people who wants to listen to it. Wear jewelery made from natural materials. Wash yourselves with water only and sparingly with soap that lacks perfume. Your body signals your special beauty and health status in a natural way.


1. Be relaxed.
– A relaxed mind is more mindful and you will be more able to fulfill all the other commandments. Find your way to a relaxed mind! Try different methods that feels natural to you! A relaxed mind is a peaceful mind.

2. Do good.
– Do good in a way that it leads to good things. You must also analyze what is really good to maximize the good you want to do.

3. Feel good.
– You will feel good when you do good in an optimal way. Enjoy this feeling!

4. Make yourself happy.
– In most situations you will be able to maintain a happy attitude and to make yourself happy.

5. Make others happy.
– You will be even happier if you are able to also make others happy in good way.

6. Seek to understand.
– If you first seek to understand you will then have the possibility to more easily be understood.

7. Choose a good purpose in your life.
– It will make you happier to live this way.

8. Be positive.
– If something could be better then present a positive solution and improve things.

9. Be balanced.
– With balance, fairness, good compromises and deals of mutual benefit you and everybody else will be more successful in the long run.

10. Contribute to a positive change.
– You are important. Together we can change things. Engage yourself in changing things and always be mindful in doing so.

11. Contribute to your surroundings.
– Live in balance in your environment and we will be able to have a good life also in coming generations.

12. Take power over your surroundings.
– If you take the power together with other people you will more easily be able to protect your surroundings.

13. Give others the same opportunities.
– Share and make everybody into a winner.

14. Cooperate.
– Cooperation will lead to many beneficial things for everyone.

15. Help people to help themselves.
– To give good help needs a deeper understanding of how you are able to help in the best way.

16. Only follow orders you agree with.
– Be courageous! Take responsibility over your own actions. You are the most important person in your life. You are responsible for your actions.

17. Respect others.
– They are just as important as you are. Be gentle, listen and try to understand! Respect common rules, talk about them and make them well known and accepted!

18. Do what you feel is the right thing.
– Stop, think, feel and act. Put into your schedule to do good things and to care for yourself, others and the whole planet!

19. Be clever.
– Try to see the whole picture and try to give your power to people who are able to have a holistic view of things. People would be very happy living by these rules so try in the best way to make all succeed in doing so. Be mindful and tolerant. Make common rules to guide you into maximum happiness for all.

20. Make your own commandments.
– There are many other positive commandments that can be followed. Make sure they contain positive thinking beautiful words and beautiful contents. Make sure they describe what you want to do in a positive way.

The end

Everything seems to have an end. What is born seems to die. Even within a belief of rebirth it seems to be true and also if you believe in eternity there is death before resurrection and eternity.

If a human lived with certain principles and feelings and is very present in your life and you choose to remember this person you might want to say that this person is still alive in your heart and is therefore living in eternity. You might want to believe that eternity might be your life time. You might want to believe in eternal eternity. Imagination about the end can be marveled about in the present moment.

This planet we live on was born and life will eventually come to an end. There are many ways we can imagine how this will happen. Even if we believe in eternity or in something else it will eventually happen to us or coming generations.

Maybe we believe there are life on other planets and that life is similar to our life. Maybe we believe that new solar systems are born and that life comes naturally in some of them.

Everything with a beginning seems to have an end.


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