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Slippery slope oil invasion by USA and EU

Julian Assange puts it in a very clear light.

But my personal advice is that you Libyans attack the root cause and not the brainwashed soldier, not his indoctrinated commander, not even Pentagon. No. That is what they want. That is how they make their corrupt money on war.

Aim for anyone supporting the invasion of your country. Politicians for invasion of your country is an excellent target and also the ones supporting them. They are your real enemies, not the drone believing he is protecting USA.

Why not take them out or kidnap them? They are legal targets in my opinion and when you do, I am sure the attack on your country will end swiftly and you can install an intelligent democracy according to Intelligent Union.

No innocent! Take only the guilty and then tell the world what you are doing! A few of these greedy monsters it will take and the whole world will experience peace in no time.

Good luck all you Libyans! Free your country, but think deeply when you try to solve the problems! Not fleetingly!

My intrest in this? That the oil-price goes up so wind solar and water energy finally begin to light up this world and that your oil will last for many more generations than if you let the idiots take over.

Martin Gustavsson
Intelligent Union


An intresting analysis about Libya by Le Monde and about exponential growth

In Lemonde today I read a very balanced and interesting position about Libya.

“The present conditions of the world oil market are indeed conditions where oil prices, after falling briefly under the shock of the global crisis, have resumed their upward movement, several months before the revolutionary wave in North Africa and the Middle East. This, in a condition of unresolved global economic crisis, with an extremely fragile fake recovery. Under such conditions, an oil embargo on Libya is simply not an option. The massacre had to be prevented. The best scenario for Western powers became the fall of the regime, thus relieving them of the problem of coping with it. A lesser evil option for them would be a lasting stalemate and de facto division of the country between West and East, with oil exports resumed from both provinces, or exclusively from the main fields located in the East under rebel control.” … Read more!

What I personally expect to happen is a long large conflict rising with many killings, reducing the population of Libya drastically making the military-industrial complex richer at the same time as it is making poor people in Europe poorer. 1 million people killed at least is a also a reasonable genocide to expect here, as this happened in Iraq.

Khadaffi will naturally eventually be blamed for it. Libya will become “democratic” with a powerless Monarchy and the oil will flow to Europe … until we reach the bottom of the well with a surprising surprised slurp sound.

Then comes the real challange… and looking at the history of Easter Islands end, we should try to be prepared and understand what exponential growth really means, because then we would be able to turn put in the reverse well in time before we hit the ice berg.

Best regards

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