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Jesse Ventura’s quote added with positive power

Thoughts, words and dreams create our future so I would like to turn this quote from Jesse Ventura around so that Universe may hear it too and start to work with!

“Please Universe! Help us control our world! Help us create a clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and copylefted food to eat. Help us create peace, live for a real cause, and build our freedoms for ourselves. Help us learn how to be moderate and reasonable and become one human class, and help us create coins of silver marked with their weight to use for easy and generous trade with each other. Help us free our minds, become awake and to send our own positive vibrations through the airwaves, serve each other and live with dignity. Help us create fair elections, keep our intelligent people safeguarded in rooms with round tables so that focus will be intelligent deliberative discourse and that we can create intelligent basic rights for all human beings. Help us be able to own our own property or be free from it if we wish, work less if we want and still have a good life when robots start to do all the work for us, and help us so that unions will no longer be needed when the law states what is every citizens born right. Help us all benefit from building the future and stabilise our currencies, and may our cost of living will be manageable. Help us share our freedoms with each other, help us get better and more open and inspiring education, and burn brightly like the sun. We are healing now. i can feel it. Gratitude to the Universe! I already feel better because I have the time to read this, time to heal. Help us bring our enlightened selves, the intelligent people, into power, make ourselves rise from our knees and create and witness our own evolution! – Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

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