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Germany prepares use of D-mark instead of Euro

In a Swedish newspaper e24 I am today reading about peoples opinions in Germany about the old beloved currency called D-mark and I guess any political party in Germany that wants to restore the beloved D-mark has a good chance of winning next German election. The support is high for the old currency.

After a search I also found this English Daily Mail article about the D-mark.

Many Germans who embraced the EU after WW2, seeing it as a way to preserve peace and forge new business opportunities, now view it as a vast, unaccountable, bloated bureaucracy that stole their beloved D-mark and gave them the struggling euro.

I must now also congratulate our Swedish politicians for staying out of the project called Euro. Joining EU seems to have been a mistake for most, EMU even worse, but now let us learn from it and continue in a better way together in an Intelligent Union of people!

Changing currencies is part of the fun of traveling so I welcome the old D-mark back. Gratefulness for the sun after the rain. Gratefulness for awakening after sleeping.

Hugs to all and stay awake!
Martin Gustavsson


Spectacle without bread – World Revolution or a walk on the beach?

(Translation made to Enlish on request from a friend. Thankfullness for Google translate.)

I’m sitting in a café writing. E24, a newspaper in Sweden, writes that the medicine is about to run out and they refer to the money that kept the banks avoiding bankrupcy and thereby extended the inevitable end of the system you probably now for a long time adored by taking large loans on that big house or that fancy car of yours.

But where have all the interest of these loans gone? This I wonder in complete peace with a big smile in my cheap flip-flops from China. I am smiling because later today, when the sun becomes more gentle, I will walk in the sun on a nice beach.

Hmm … I have a feeling that we, in a free market, must adapt to Chinese wages and Chinese human rights if we are to manage to compete against the capitalist dictatorship of China. You just need to pick up the different flip-flops in the beach shops and read where they were manufactured in order to understand where your interest is going.

And unless the people in the west wants to have a capitalist Chinese dictatorship …

… and unless poor Chinese or poor Europeans want to serve them, then who will they want to serve? Themselves? But can they really get up from their knees and stop taking loans and stop paying this interest, this enslavement? I know I can, but can all do this? This I wonder.

The result of free trade with China is a lot of cheap Chinese flip flops and millionaires and billionaires in China, while inequality is increasing worldwide and demonstrations are initiated by those who are now beginning to be just as poor as rural Chinese people.

Spanish young people with university degrees are now for example forced for years to support themselves with simple odd jobs. They can not afford to leave home. Somehow I do not believe another mascerade with catholics overpopulating Europe dressed as Clu Clux Clan cleaning Europe from muslims is the solution even if Anders Behring Breivik who seriously made a down-growth of the socialdemocratic youth of Norway recently might think so.

Greece is just about to “default”, it seems like, whatever that means? Pulling down the curtain? A new trade wall to protect its domestic economy? Interesting. It will probably be good for the Greek to stay away for a while on their own shores with their own manufactured flip-flops.

I think that neither the rural Chinese, the Greeks or the young revolutionaries in Spain want to serve those who they consider “stealing” their future. In my opinion, the extreme capitalists are undermining themselves by free trade and free capitalism without restraints. I believe that the revolution comes when people feel that the bread is finished and they want real change. Maybe now, maybe in a year. Who knows?

I can already see the end of the EU coming in the distance and that is because of unrestrained capitalism. A constantly undercutting to attract capital. A race to the bottom. But I actually believe that, in the long run, it is neither a capitalist or communist problem, but the real problem is actually unchecked growth.

Sure. Communism can stop the symptoms and create increased quality for the masses… for a little while… but if you do not stop the population growth and extreme consumption it will only be a short moment in time until you will see the exact same result all over agian. The world’s most important knowledge of the exponential function can be found here. Begin to understand it! It is really the most important video you will ever see.

It is almost like I wonder if the unbalanced capitalists themselves are secret communists in the way that they push the self-death of capitalism forward. Karl Marx is probably smiling from his grave. I know that most capitalists don’t understand, but did Karl Marx understand the exponential function deeply? Please comment if you know more about this!

And of course it is tragicomic that the capitalist “communism” in China forbids communist band to play … communist struggle songs … (link to lyrics)

Hmmm … Perhaps the solution is not to buy any clothes at all and simply walk south completely naked to the tropics. A naked mother in Big Brother Sweden showes the way. Yes. Why not? So did the Buddha, the awake and enlightened one, part of his life. Yes. Maybe it can increase the overall intelligence significantly? Or how about Jesus walking into the desert 40 days and nights to come up with something more intelligent? Or like the founder of Reiki, going up on a mountain for 21 days to get the answers?

Well. I take off my flip-flops from China and the sand instantly feels more natural under my foot. I carry my second hand nicely repaired surfboard with a smile and now look at the nice waves rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean and I also look at the Maspalomas dunes. It will be nice with a free Reiki, Bioenergetica or Massage later from my best friend ever. Yes. Perhaps I am the one in the whole world who really deserves it most, or what do you think?

Thankfulness for seeing everything so clearly.

/Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson

I have a dream about a different Europe

BBC writes about new rules for EU members.

My reflection is:

I wonder if any changes really will have any effect on any country unless there are rules that automatically rejects any country from the union that did not follow the rules.

Otherwise I am afraid that honest countries would not like to pay for the dishonest and that it could be the end of the EU.

Bribe corruption

On the other hand that might not be so bad at all. The result of competing within Europe has become growing centralization, growing bureaucracy,  growing unemployment, growing transportation and growing resentment among people against politicians.

I have a dream.

I have a dream about a different Europe.

I have a dream about a Europe with low unemplyment. 2% would be nice.

I have a dream about a Europe that is peaceful.

I have a dream about a Europe with honest people in charge.

I have a dream about a more democratic Europe.

I have a dream about a Europe where all people take care of each other and give each other equal opportunities and equal responsibilities.

I have a dream and it could be realized if we put the right people in charge.

I have a dream that one day a light will shine down on you and you can share my dream.

Keep the dream alive!


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