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Zeitgeist moving forward

Zeitgeist. A movement for a society without money.

I personally do not think this approach is politically possible, but who knows. I think it would be much better to say something more balanced, like higher taxes and more things owned together by all people.

In my opinion a lot of this is already possible and is already happening. After consuming as idiots many peple do actually wake up.

I do believe that people have to move up in levels of consiousness in their lives before they can reach this level of thinking and also that not all people want to do that. They lack the ability. They will stop at one of these levels.

I also believe it would be better to bring down the number of people on this planet than to make grandiose building plans for more. There are however important knowledge within this dream about the logic behind equality that are very nice.

Something to think about. Now Enjoy the movie!

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