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Germany prepares use of D-mark instead of Euro

In a Swedish newspaper e24 I am today reading about peoples opinions in Germany about the old beloved currency called D-mark and I guess any political party in Germany that wants to restore the beloved D-mark has a good chance of winning next German election. The support is high for the old currency.

After a search I also found this English Daily Mail article about the D-mark.

Many Germans who embraced the EU after WW2, seeing it as a way to preserve peace and forge new business opportunities, now view it as a vast, unaccountable, bloated bureaucracy that stole their beloved D-mark and gave them the struggling euro.

I must now also congratulate our Swedish politicians for staying out of the project called Euro. Joining EU seems to have been a mistake for most, EMU even worse, but now let us learn from it and continue in a better way together in an Intelligent Union of people!

Changing currencies is part of the fun of traveling so I welcome the old D-mark back. Gratefulness for the sun after the rain. Gratefulness for awakening after sleeping.

Hugs to all and stay awake!
Martin Gustavsson


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