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What is a “dedicated trusted computer voting device”?

Is online voting safe enough?
Intelligent Unions answer is unfortunatly “no”. It is not safe enough in general, but there is a way to make it safe enough.

The reason it is not safe
The reason for uncertainty when voting over the internet is called “trojan horses“. A “trojan horse” is a programs that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge, just like a virus. The trojan horse will however not be seen or do anything that will raise your suspision. The trojan horse can simply manipulate what is sent and recieved. It can show you what you want to see and do something completley different with the data that is beeing sent from your computer.

How to make it safer
To make online voting safe enough you must use a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device”. This is a gadget that is connected to the PC via USB (not wifi) and it is very crude and easy to inspect if nesseccary. The gadget uses highest possible level of encryption.

Picture of a possible dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Dedicated trusted computer votintg device

Aktiv Demokrati is a Swedish direct democratic political party that seems to have dismissed the idea of adequate safety for online voting even though independent engineers with knowledge have intrestingly pointed out the importance of secure online voting using a “Dedicated trusted computer voting device”.

There are more things needed to make e-democracy safer in other aspects too naturally, like for example open database and using safer operating systems, but the weakest point is usually the clients.

Please vote for parties that do suggest more direct democracy but only if they do take reality of safe voting seriously! The oppsite can not bee seen as very intelligent. In Intelligent Union we can clearly see this need for safety and we will promote standard democracy with increased regular direct democratic voting until we have managed to make this little gadget into intelligent people’s democratic toy.


How to protect yourself against trojans horses:

Dedicated trusted computer voting device

The Power of Your Super Intelligence – A Speech to the World

7 minutes speech.


The Power of Your Super Intelligence – A Speech to the World

In ancient Greece, 594 years before Christ, the people gathered, and they created an intelligent union of people, and we can do it again.

Most of us have ten fingers. Maybe you would like to fold nine of your fingers, or maybe even eight, and let the long fingers stand there as a protest, a protest against something that is not quite right, but this actually leads nowhere.

Therefore, I choose instead to relax, to breathe deeply and slowly. I choose to fold seven and then six fingers and dream of a more intelligent community with a warm smile.

Yes. I feel that there is hope. There is a hope of a “V” as in “Victory”, and it’s all about you.

And five people are actually more than four. Yes. You are important. And if you want to see the truth, and if you want to feel totally relaxed at the same time, you have to actually have the courage to look inside you with full insight, and do what is right with a sense of courage.

The feeling of love and courage is a great feeling! If, for example, we see three people in front of us at a table, and two of these people have their own glass of water. And if we see that two people have the courage to share this water with the person who has no water, then it feels good. I believe most of us agree deep inside that this is something good.

But if this human warmth is to happen in real life, in politics, in the world, we must organize now.

In an intelligent union of people, we actually have to start voting more intelligently.

Because if we want a society, where everyone can feel secure when the cold wind comes in, and if we want a society where everyone wants to interact, we must also look at ourselves, deep inside ourselves. Yes. We must become more intelligent and see the big picture! It’s all about you.

You are already intelligent in different ways, and if you develop and refine your thinking ability, you will be super intelligent with us.

What you must realize with insight about yourself is, that we can all become much more intelligent through an intelligent union. And in the same way as cells in a human body, which work together and give each other power, we can also, all together with nature, benefit from each others’ abilities. And if we all contribute positively to a healthy balance, we will all benefit from it.

I have a dream of an intelligent society.

I have a dream of united ordinary men and women – entrepreneurs and workers, students and soldiers, farmers and teachers, nurses and janitors, engineers and retired.

I dream of creating a more intelligent life, which you and everyone can benefit from simultaneously. Yes. You can join in and make the rule by the people more mindful now.

I have a dream of a country where people create peace and intelligent rule by the people.

I have a dream to be proud of you and my country.

That’s why I stretch out my hand to you today, and hope you will give me a powerful hand with your special ability.

It does not matter what party you are voting for today, or what ability you happen to have.

There is hope for an intelligent rule by the people. I think we all hope for that.

This applies to all parties. It applies to the Pirate Party and the Feminists, to Democrats and the Green Party, to Social Democrats and the Centre Party, to Christian Democrats and the Socialist Party, but also to Communists, Conservative and the Liberal Party, and also to you.

Now is the time, to take our moral responsibility seriously, and give every child an education that gives children the ability to feel whole, to have the courage to choose and the ability to think independently.

Now it’s the time, for sympathy to become part of democracy. When used correctly, this super intelligent sympathy, can provide a security that gives motivation and power to all, a power that contributes positively to everybody and to our society.

Now it’s time for us to change our laws so that the old woman’s pension can be secured before the CEO:s bonuses, and it is time that women and men are treated equally.

Now is the time to encourage refugees, who fled dictatorship and corruption, and help them to new courage.

For it is time that we organize ourselves and create an intelligent democracy together across the world. For everyone who has intelligence must stand up with pride, seeing his fear and meet it with courage in every moment.

For the sweetness of the banana and the sourness of the lemon is not on the outside of the fruit. The flavor is inside and you choose the flavor you want to have. Because it’s about your attitude to yourself and about your own actions. And that is why we have every reason for a positive attitude in every moment.

We must also ensure that those who fought for democracy and human rights are given refuge if needed.

And you who enjoy the rights we struggled for, over the past century and you who have shown courage and pride in your country and you who pushed for democracy and actually entered the struggle, Yes you, yes, you actually have a place in our democracy.

Because if you want peace and freedom, if you want more insight, and the right to independent thinking, yes, if you want an objective discussion and a real democracy, then there is hope of a secure future for you and all of us together.

But it requires you to wake up gradually and become an intelligent awake human being, you will be a human that also help others to wake up.

/Intelligent Union

I have a dream of intelligent democracy

Big thanks to William Mitchell

I have a dream about a different Europe

BBC writes about new rules for EU members.

My reflection is:

I wonder if any changes really will have any effect on any country unless there are rules that automatically rejects any country from the union that did not follow the rules.

Otherwise I am afraid that honest countries would not like to pay for the dishonest and that it could be the end of the EU.

Bribe corruption

On the other hand that might not be so bad at all. The result of competing within Europe has become growing centralization, growing bureaucracy,  growing unemployment, growing transportation and growing resentment among people against politicians.

I have a dream.

I have a dream about a different Europe.

I have a dream about a Europe with low unemplyment. 2% would be nice.

I have a dream about a Europe that is peaceful.

I have a dream about a Europe with honest people in charge.

I have a dream about a more democratic Europe.

I have a dream about a Europe where all people take care of each other and give each other equal opportunities and equal responsibilities.

I have a dream and it could be realized if we put the right people in charge.

I have a dream that one day a light will shine down on you and you can share my dream.

Keep the dream alive!


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