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How to convince the unaware of the health benefits of veganism

First of all I must express my gratitude to a fellow vegetarian, Carolina, who made me aware of this page and her good ideas about marketing and fund raising. She used PETA as a good example. I thank universe for here intelligence and open positive and creative mind. I can feel that she will keep on impressing me with her deep intelligence.

That is why I now want to give PETA my opinion to be able to be even more effective in the future, because PETA is definetly full of power and good will and that is a very important part of true intelligence.

So. To the point.

Everybody knows about the tortured chickens and we do not have to direct our efforts to the people who have feelings or decency any more. They already vote for peace, boycott bad companies, help the environment and help our chickens to live decent lives.

No. It is the other people we have to wake up through intelligent awakening. That is what we have to focus on. They represent an enormous consumer power. In fact they do not care about the animals at all. It is obvious for any awake person.

But one thing they do care about is themselves and that is actually very good. Yes. that is good news if it can become an egoism that is long term.

So we obviously only have to give them the real health reasons and the hard facts that it is about their own health and their own happiness. If however they suspect that we made up these arguments because of soft feelings for the poor animals, then we have lost them. This is something they do not care about, because if they did, they would already be with us and they are not.

And even if it is good news that a species of rodent is still alive this could actually have an opposite effect on anyone trying to kill vermin in their own house. Because vermin scares the living hell out of the poor unaware woman who lacks deeper consciousness, screaming like a pig on a chair in her fur made of similar animals.

So in fact. The thing that will convince women in furs to get good health and be part of good stories of happy animals is actually happy rich women with status doing nice good things and thereby making it fashion.

Men controlled by logic who buys non-ecological cheap meat in the shops, maybe also do hunting and create war, will not be as easy to convince. They need evidence that their big belly and clogged heart can be turned into a healthy body and manly looking body with nice attractive muscles using vegan or vegetarian methods.

Yes. That is the direction PETA has to go to convince the people who are already not convinced by emotions.

Choose vegan and vegetarianism for your own good health, scientific studies, poison concentration and because you will be as cool as for ex. Bill Clinton or who ever show a slight intelligence increase.

…and by the way. Veganism does not solve overpopulation and the destruction of this planet. Only joining Intelligent Union does. To understand this, eat alot of sea weed, broccoli and proteins for your brain, meditate and read more about it!

/The B12 Seaweed Muncher

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