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In the Washington posts wonkblog I read about a terrifying chart that shows we’re not growing enough food to feed the world.

We already know about the mathematics why this is happening, we also have the archaeological facts about what is to come and we have had it for quite some time, but the politicians, the scientists and YOU are NOT acting on the knowledge. Why?

I am. Now!

1. Understand the problem deeply before you have any opinions! NOT FLEEINGLY!
2. Join me or be part of the problem!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Leader of Intelligent Union


In Psychology today I read about Why Atheism Will Replace Religion.

And must reluctantly say that I disagree. I would love to agree, but the world is actually running out of resources and the population is unfortunatly still growing.

This means that we, my dear scientists, must first organize and support this Intelligent Union movement politically to solve the problem so that we can give the people a high living standard and balance with nature at the same time.

If we are successful, then civilisation will stay intact and not end like Easter Island. If you do nothing, then you are part of the problem, my dear scientist. That is not an opinion. It is a mathematical fact…and if that was too hard for you, here is a quick one.

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson

Israel boycott Palestine

News from the Russian TV. Israel boycott Palestine.
Since I like peace, not illegal occupation, I boycott Israel and all that supports the Israeli government. I am sure Noam Chomsky, one of my big fans who has a jewish background, does that too.

Censured BBC news is still on the youtube. It seems the rebels are using illegal methods in the war against Syrias leadership.

I assume this report was censured because it was not in line with the main agenda of illegally invading the world.

Read all about it!
None Of The Rebels Were Syrian

My own conclusion is that this was a staged outside attack by mercenaries supported by Israel and Nato and not a real rebellion.

I decided to bring all important things into one flag.
I would love some likes or other opinions.

“The Biggest Problem with Islam Are the Muslims”

Irshad Manji hereby invited to Intelligent Union. Percy Barnevik needs more meditation and direct contact with God before he can begin to realize that he is creating the problem he is complaining about.

I must add for balance that the biggest problem with christianity are the christians, even if it has become somewhat better throughout history in most cases … even if unintelligent christians still seem to multiply.

The solution is sterilisation after one child for one hundred years, end of globalisation and a better life in balance with nature for all… whether you like this fact or not.

Be Awake!


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