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WHO IS QUALIFIED TO RULE MANKIND VanillaMocha ask 6 years ago Apr 05, 2008 – 7:30PM.

I hear you and today I answer you in direct contact with God, Oneness, Universe, Unity and Awakedness in order to save mankind from itself.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not strictly neutral to world’s politics, because everything affect politics. Society is built on politics and even an animal living in the forest is affected by it. In the name of God – Wake up!

When you state what to do and what not to do with a religious text it is no less political as when politicians do so with an ideology or when a muslim do so with the Koran. It is in no contact with reality or God, because being in contact with God means to deeply listen to God inside and that takes deep contemplation, functioning brain and a functioning heart!

I will explain to you why God’s Kingdom is far superior to any normal human government, you have seen so far, and I am sure most philosophers, including Jesus and scientists will agree.

Clearly campaigning with wealth will not reflect God, force will not reflect God, monarchies with blood descent will not reflect God, nobility will not reflect God, privileged minority will not reflect God or an elite class will not reflect God unless they are chosen by God in the the right way and we all know it.

Democracies will not reflect God unless they follow God. Every form of
authority including religion devised by humans has failed miserably and we know it.

Jesus and many others has proved what contemplation in the desert can do to perfect a man, if not totally, at least very much so. The blind religious followers of such men has proved nothing.

Jesus ability to satisfy man-kind’s needs came from contemplation in the desert. So if I shall not call you a hypocrite, you witness of nothing, then go to the desert and contemplate right now and become a real witness of Jehova!

With insane growth economy, under human rule so far, multitudes of children die of hunger each day, because of the inability to understand the “exponential function”, growth and its consequences. And what did you, you hypocrite do about it? Did you even try to understand it? Or maybe you made it even worse, working for the contrary through religion?

No. We will be able to provide abundant food for all, furnish every family with excellent housing and there will be no unemployment and all will have rewarding work, in balance with nature, but first you have to wake up from religion, ideologies and turn to God and science because with God and science we can do all that and more!

We can today with scientific methods control major storms, the wind and the sea.

We can today with scientific methods provide adequate health care for all and we have more power over illness than ever, also aches and pains that detract from the enjoyment of life and if we manage to be balanced in numbers we will maybe be able to restore the aged to youthful vigor too very soon.

In a democracy we can only end all wars by voting for peaceful leaders and as an individual refusing to invade another country and boycotting any country that does.

Saving the environment has three main components in the equation. 1. Number of people. 2. Level of standard. 3. Available rescourses from nature long-term. All have to be on a balanced level. If one of them goes wrong all goes wrong and then you work not for God but the contrary. If all of them are controlled, all goes right in the name of God, truth and science.

Yes. God will bring ruin to those ruining the earth and already did where they followed religion and over-populated and he does so with scientific mathematical logic.

A peaceful relationship between humans and animals is a reality and science is the very thing that led us there. The earth can be transformed into a paradise but religion must go.

God’s Kingdom by Science and philosophers like Christ, but not by religious, will succeed because it has much less of the weaknesses inherent in human, blind rule.

Only 2% of humans have potential to rule well with right motives and have contact with God. They are super-humans with high intelligence. Follow them! You will know who they are in your hearts and your minds in contemplation!

Religion, politics and authority has been used to mistreat us all, therefore God must be found inside of us and we must let God rule us from the inside through contemplation.


Many Philosophers have existed, many have God inside their words. Now read and contemplate these truths!

As long as these philosophers lives in our minds and in our hearts and we act on them they still exist through us in every moment.

I urge you to grow in your understanding of these facts. Take your action now concerning the One qualified to rule mankind! Wellcome them who are qualified! Even kings are commanded to be subject to them. Learn more about God’s government through God himself in contemlation and help others to do the same!

Experience the blessing that God’s ruling Kingdom is soon here!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Scientific party of Sweden Vetenskapliga partiet


Why “The people not motivated to be lawful” likes David Duke

Anyone who listens on a few episodes of David Duke will maybe wonder why “The few people not motivated to be lawful”, who he describes with very good and interesting facts, does not “take care” of him? … I choose to say “take care” just to put it in a nicer way…

Well. My own idea is that they actually like David Duke. Obviously you might ask yourselves “why” if you listened to David Duke talking less good about them.

Just take a look! Anyone who tries to investigate David briefly will actually find the non-objective description of David Duke in English Wikipedia and might then not feel motivated to examine the subject more deeply.

I want to point out that there is no discussion allowed on this Wikipedia site and David cannot even point out where he has been correctly quoted, or not, so we do not know what is correct unless we listen to what he has to say about it himself.

So, as it is, with this, David Duke is at the moment actually “The few less lawful ones” perfect friend and a perfect alibi because of his background in a very well known, less normal, strangely be-hooded, less scientific organization, that he himself confirms being part of, but thank does not seem to support actively today.

So. These facts above are actually the very thing that actually is David’s best security and, at the same time, probably his political curse. All of “The few less lawful” want him alive and maybe these “few less lawful ones” will even try to protect him because of it. He is simply too good to be true for them. He is their very best friend… or should we say a perfect adversary alive?.

But anyone with a brain (yes, they do exist), listening to some of David Duke’s latest creations, will know that the text in English Wikipedia about David Duke is a political document controlled by supporters and politburos working for “The few less lawful ones”, directly or indirectly, and has nothing to do with what David Duke actually represents today. Yes. If you doubt it, then do take a closer look yourself!

And for David Duke, if he reads this, I would like to point out that there are more of the “less lawful ones” and not only “The few less lawful ones” of a “special kind” and they are all involved in what we call The Military-industrial complex and they do not exactly aim for the down-growth we actually need to stay in balance with nature and that is why we will not see peace happening until more intelligent people are in control.

With such good people, with hearts and brains, we will also solve the population matters that we all face together IN A HUMANE WAY.

But let me point out that I do believe the controlled population-down-growth and following world peace will be solved by scientific people with both a higher IQ-level and a keen sense for balance with nature. Yes. It seems scientific people are much more likely to be free thinkers leading themselves and they also seem to be more lawful, for that matter. Let me give you some intelligent people to consider! Sir David Attenborough, Jonathon Porritt or Julian Cribb.

And if I was one of the “The less lawful” with inability to feel oneness with people with different looks, described by David Duke, I would be far more upset with any lawful person with similar background as myself and an obvious higher IQ, like for example Noam Chomsky. Noam Chomsky, one of “their own kind”, as they would see it, condemning “The less lawful ones”, for their actions. You see, Noam is one of the right persons to enlighten the ones who needs enlightenment in this case. Why? Simply because important people will listen better to him because of his background and their own inability to feel oneness with people who look different.

Just listen how he enlightens them! It is wonderful. That is the way to do it.

So excuse me, David, but may I suggest you do continue to talk and quote, and begin to quote good people like Noam, and begin to quote people who describe the possible future in a good way and people who actually present a vision that is nice. Because, you see, David, that the very words we use create our future and that is why I did my best to put my words in a nice way for all of us today.

Take it as a positive inspiration and get a good feeling that I have seen you, I heard you and I understood your fears and I could see your courage and potential for even more courage. In every moment we can only do our best. Nobody is perfect.

So. Thanks in advance to Universe for world peace, happy children with intact arms, legs and fully functioning brains living happily in harmony with nature and with each other and let all people live and let all cultures develop into more humane ways, side by side, all in harmony and in balance!

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Political leader
Scientific party of Sweden (Vetenskapliga partiet)

Brain going wrong or balanced? – Meditation better than brain hemorrhage.

Jill Bolte Taylor is a scientist who has experienced the full potential of the brain through a brain hemorrhage and in this article today I would like to connect this with meditation. Later in this article there is a link to an amazing presentation by her.

Now. First I will explain to you how I got into meditation:

I had the luck to get fired with a big bunch of money. I had the luck of making the decision to leave my stressful Norwegian girlfriend. I had the luck of making the decision to travel more slowly. I had the luck of finding good books about meditation and finding good books about success and learning how to lead my own life more effectively. I also had the luck of a good education from Sweden and a mother and a father who raised me well and gave me good knowledge about many things including philosophy and psychology.

And finally I had the luck one day to be so damn hangover that I actually did not want to go out from my little hut in the middle of a Mekong delta in the south of Laos and on this one day I was lucky enough to make the decision to actually try meditation and on this day for the first time in my life I began to receive information that was already there in my mind but still not yet really seen clearly by the logical side of my brain.

Secondly. Now I would like that you begin to understand the potential of meditation:

In meditation we are able to access more of the emotional side of our brain and in this excellent video-clip Jill Bolte Taylor shows you the characteristics of our two brain halves – A powerful stroke of insight.

Third. Now I would like you to continue reading!

Suddenly through my meditation, there in the middle of the harmful alcoholism and the hangover, my consciousness expanded from the size of a golf-ball into the size of a football to give you a reasonable metaphor. I asked my brain: -Why do I drink if I feel sick in the morning and all the answers came to me in a flood from the feeling mind and flooded into my expanded consciousness.

This awareness continued to stay with me from this moment. I began to understand that I was liberated from the culture of drinking, if I wanted to. I began to understand that many people who had been posing as friends were not my real friends. They were detached from oneness.

My emotional side had already picked up on that but I had been too busy being too logical to be able to see it. These false friends had been making money for themselves making other people go places and making them drink too much. A design caused by capitalism and the following greed.

I realized that the loud music was designed to separate me from other people and that suggestions and annoying noises in the music was designed to make me feel depressed, feel separate. the music was designed to make me feel that alcohol in this noise would make me feel better.

Yes. This evil logic controlled the whole setup. Using our emotional mind being more aware in each moment we understand what is the truth and what is best. Being sober and listening to good music dancing with real friends makes us enjoy for real. Good music is very separate from bad music and noises. Alcohol numbs the brain, makes noises less annoying and this is the way evil people make money on unaware people, usually young people.

Having this new awareness I soon decided to quit drinking and with this new expanded consciousness it was very easy. I was very powerful. I felt like a beautiful wolf. I could spot evil in appearance and movements of a person but I could also recognize good all around me. I consciously counted the beers and kept my goal with my new awareness. I drank less and less every day, the beers further apart, more water in between, until I was down on one beer per day. What a total control I had in every moment! It was amazing.

Once you tap in to this massive consciousness you will instinctively feel and put things together that was hidden from you before. Other people will not be able to manipulate you, you will feel what they plan, you will understand instinctively if people care about you or not. You will be enlightened about things that you actually know, but never could see before because you were using your logical mind so frenetically that you basically ignored half of your functional brain that has superior powers in many aspects and one of these powers is to feel what is the truth.

But I would like to add that people who are totally lost in “La La land”, as Jill puts it, could probably do very little good for this world, they might even find it hard to dial a phone number. So after many hours of meditation reaching balance most of us have the potential to reach what I call super-intelligence, and that is why today nobody may enter Intelligent Union or The Scientific party of Sweden without this expanded consciousness. People not using both sides of their brains effectively are actually both lost in a “La La Land” in two different ways.

Scientists are usually lost in the logical “La La Land” using science as their religion, as truth. This is, in fact, no much different than using the bible as a religion. A frozen belief is a frozen belief, it is not a free individual, it is not a powerful wolf.

Jill however is not lost in any of these “La La lands” any more. I believe Jill is now using both brain-halves more effectively and that is also why she may enter Intelligent Union if she wants to.

The only mistake she might be making in her video, if it even should be considered a mistake, is to partly describe her fantastic experience in a somewhat crazy way for scientists, since telling people lost in logical “La La Land”with words that actually could make us look crazy to them might not be advisable if we want to succeed in winning them over to us.

It could actually be better to describe our “hallucinations” in a more dry way for the logical dry mind, but anyway, let’s be positive! Let’s hope it can inspire as many scientists as possible to find awareness anyway and that more logical brains will join us in feeling liberated, huge, powerful and, peaceful in oneness and pure love!

Thanks Jill for your amazing courage and excellent presentation technique.

Best regards
Martin Gustavsson
Leader of Intelligent Union & The Scientific party of Sweden

Israel boycott Palestine

News from the Russian TV. Israel boycott Palestine.
Since I like peace, not illegal occupation, I boycott Israel and all that supports the Israeli government. I am sure Noam Chomsky, one of my big fans who has a jewish background, does that too.

A request from Claudia – The Green Beautiful

Hi dear readers!

Thankfulness to Claudia, today for showing me the movie The Green Beautiful.

Claudias mail came to me as a strong reaction against me publishing the horror movie of a possible future and I must say that this vision from The Green Beautiful is much more attractive for this movement aiming for intelligent politics.

This movie is much more funny, happy and more beautiful, even if I do not agree with all of the extreme unbalanced ideas in it, but maybe it has to be extreme and idealising the opposite to be extra funny. I loved it as it is, anyway and it can absolutely stand as a starting point for deep intelligent political discussions.

A movie review

Martin Gustavsson

Slippery slope oil invasion by USA and EU

Julian Assange puts it in a very clear light.

But my personal advice is that you Libyans attack the root cause and not the brainwashed soldier, not his indoctrinated commander, not even Pentagon. No. That is what they want. That is how they make their corrupt money on war.

Aim for anyone supporting the invasion of your country. Politicians for invasion of your country is an excellent target and also the ones supporting them. They are your real enemies, not the drone believing he is protecting USA.

Why not take them out or kidnap them? They are legal targets in my opinion and when you do, I am sure the attack on your country will end swiftly and you can install an intelligent democracy according to Intelligent Union.

No innocent! Take only the guilty and then tell the world what you are doing! A few of these greedy monsters it will take and the whole world will experience peace in no time.

Good luck all you Libyans! Free your country, but think deeply when you try to solve the problems! Not fleetingly!

My intrest in this? That the oil-price goes up so wind solar and water energy finally begin to light up this world and that your oil will last for many more generations than if you let the idiots take over.

Martin Gustavsson
Intelligent Union

A revelation from God – Jujitsu and Chess to the religious – Peace to the enlightened

Motivated by His Holiness Martin Tomas Aldor Gustavsson member of Intelligent Union I am reading Julian Cribb & Associates Discussion Paper “The coming Famine” and it confirms previous writings in this blog with clear facts and evidence.

It also supplies me with Jonathan Swift’s interesting dictum:

“And he gave it for his opinion that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country than the whole race of politicians put together.”  (Jonathon Swift, Gulliver’s Travels, 1726)

But in my opinion Swift was a little bit too swift in his conclusions.

If he had fully an deeply understood the exponential function (growth) his conclusion might have been far more enlightened. Because dobling of the population through dobling of harvest will just lead to the same challange all over again. You do not exactly have to be a mathematical genious to understand this, however you must be awake and not too swift, not fleetingly pass the truth by, but deeply understand it.

When you deeply understand the logical conclusion, then it is evident that any leader who enables down-growth of the population would do more essential service to their country and the whole world than the whole race of todays growth-promoting politicians and any agricultural scientists put together.

Furthermore the logical conclusion must be that any politician who protects his country’s land from mass-immigration and over-population has not only made his own country a great service, but also will enable his own country to help other countries when they begin to deal with their own down-growth of population, absolutely not by feeding the starving in a short term aimless way like some do today, but by beeing a good example and an inspiration for the suffering nations who must wake up and change their own cultures into mindful ones.

In my opinion “food for sterilisation” is a humane way and also humane in long term perspective compared to suffering slow death through famine or mutilation through war. Even swift execution by guillotine in a millisecond and cannibalism seems less inhumane than famine to me. Maybe it is not politically correct to compare suffering like this, but it is however a really honest reflection worth considering, in my opinion.

So what does religious people have to say about this?

Well, I found something very interesting in a paper with the same name, “The coming Famine” from the Unity In Christ.

I quote:

“That kingdom, when established, will permanently solve the world’s food
verses population problem, and not by limiting world populations, which
will virtually explode in that age to come. … Maybe God can show us through his Son how to do it right, when he returns to earth.”

They, who seem to believe that unity is not a binary word but can be attached to Christ, basically keep encouraging over-population and hoping that God will come to this earth and solve the problem for them. Hm… Hm…. Maybe I can help them? Sometimes I believe there is something higher speaking through me.

Ok. I pray to God that we find a good way! Thankfulness in advance that I will see the opportunities when they arise!

Aha! Suddenly God spoke to me! Thankfulness! God told me that we should arrange challanges for people who want to have many babies, so that they may compete against each other in a way so that one baby will result in the weak meeting with God. In this way God would like to keep humans in balanced numbers and perfect us according to natures principals.

Hm… maybe it is not the answer you might like to hear, or were expecting, but it does however enable everybody to do their thing until God arrives, avoiding abortion, since a competition like this is not considered as bad as abortion because the involved has a choice and a possibility to win with God’s help if they are not ready to meet him.

I believe many who dislike abortion will like this solution much better. Haleluleja!

The win for a skilled person wanting one more baby will occur by the death of two others. If for example two couples want one more child then two adult persons has to “meet God”.

It can be completley bloodless, relativley swift, humane and according to the principals of nature if for example the rules of Jujitsu are applied and if the technique of choke-out is used.

Wich person that is the chosen one to “meet God” is thus determined by god himself in every moment.

People who are against violence might want to choose alternative methods where other challanges, like for example chess, will determine the outcome, where for example sedation and injections are used to make the weak “meet with God”.

The Enlightened Baby from Dagens Glada Nyheter in direct contact with God

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