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In a Swedish newspaper e24 I am today reading about peoples opinions in Germany about the old beloved currency called D-mark and I guess any political party in Germany that wants to restore the beloved D-mark has a good chance of winning next German election. The support is high for the old currency.

After a search I also found this English Daily Mail article about the D-mark.

Many Germans who embraced the EU after WW2, seeing it as a way to preserve peace and forge new business opportunities, now view it as a vast, unaccountable, bloated bureaucracy that stole their beloved D-mark and gave them the struggling euro.

I must now also congratulate our Swedish politicians for staying out of the project called Euro. Joining EU seems to have been a mistake for most, EMU even worse, but now let us learn from it and continue in a better way together in an Intelligent Union of people!

Changing currencies is part of the fun of traveling so I welcome the old D-mark back. Gratefulness for the sun after the rain. Gratefulness for awakening after sleeping.

Hugs to all and stay awake!
Martin Gustavsson


Comments on: "Germany prepares use of D-mark instead of Euro" (4)

    • Well… EU will be like a capitalistic Soviet union in which the states underbid each other in the race to the bottom. I have talked to many russians who were quite happy with the socialistic Soviet union as it was. I now know a woman living in poor conditions, having little money, not being able to buy what are in the full shops. There is no black or white. Balance might be more interesting.

  1. I’m from Italy.
    Nevertheless, I think I’m actually intelligent -in a political sense-, mostly because I did not vote for the worst european politician ever, i.e. our former Prime Minister, and because I appreciate -and would vote- our present Prime Minister.

    Your vision of EU -and the vision reported in the article- is about what common german people feel about euro in this peculiar situation. And you pal are far too smart to think that common people feels what is better for them in the mid term. Believe it or not, those folks are the same that 10 years ago or so made a big default and restructurized their own debt…

    The idea of Europe -better United State of Europe- it’s a dream born in illuminated minds, that embrace a social and economic vision aimed to growth in a much larger and competitive world.

    Of course, we’re all too smart to think that is about a Sovietic structure, but you seems even smarter, thinking of Europe as something to avoid, defending national isolation… Please -no irony in this- explain me where’s the intelligent part in beeing small and ineffective near a growing alliance of nation…

    • I am not against unions, but I am against unintelligent unions and EU is an unintelligent union in many aspects and seem to be unable to improve. A possible new union, for example a Nordic Union, must be built more intelligently if built at all. This network is for economical down-growth. Please, read more in the manifesto if you want to begin to understand something very very important! https://intelligentunion.wordpress.com/manifesto/

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