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Today I read and answer Emvie’s blog post:

I write this because I really really love myself and you. =) Today I am beginning to write all my texts in English because it seems like most intelligent people of Sweden understands it. Don’t you agree that english has been the international language for a very long time now? Are there any excuses for you not understanding english now? =) Well, if you still did not learn english well, this is a great oportunity to begin. Anyway. Now. To the poin … Read More

via Emvie Martin’s Blog

Thankfulness for new insights, Emvie. I find it hard to believe that people believing in angel-dreams or other religious stuff want to see reality and become sane, but maybe I am sick, the world is insane and they are the ones who are sane? Who am I to tell?

If this article heals them or me and we become awake I will become really impressed. But why not? Let’s hope for a miracle!

Thanks in advance to Universe helping us to save this planet. …and if Universe listens… maybe the angels will listen too, in some deep psychological way? 😉

Maybe what we expect can begin to influence what we actually see and finally also change our actions and as a result also change this planet into a nice place to live for all, believing in angels or not, where everyone can have a nice place to live in balance with nature and eating good healthy food.

My angel-wings, if I had any, would be around twelve meters wide. 😉 How about yours, Emvie? How big would your wings be if you had to hide in a fantasy world?

Imagination in balance is an important part of intelligence. Where would we be without it?



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