when you are ready for intelligent politics

My friend Caz says…
Martin, how do you answer for individuals who by way of nature do not have a large intellectual capacity? Surely they are useful, beautiful and fully capable of experiencing and creating joy for themselves and others. This was actually the only gaping hole I found in your plan – really, not all people are born with same intellect – so what is your answer? I know you wouldn’t DISCRIMINATE politically and socially on a basis of intellectual capacity, would you? But I will say, my old friend, that the plan is a nice start. I think it just needs a dash of compassion and consideration for those who are not so intelligent as you 😉

I answer …
A non-intellectual can be more intelligent than an intellectual. To see the ego clearly is the first step. To see your true abilities and disabilities. This happens with the first step of the process. Meditation. This piece is the hard part…. You will se clearly that you are both the problem and the solution. The rest is a piece of cake. As a non-intellectual individual you would automatically search for appropriate positive tasks to help this beautiful ship. That is far more intelligent than any negative intellectual that does nothing positive in the right direction.

Caz says…
I can’t argue with that. You should address this on your website.

My answer…
Well begun is half done. When will you join us?

No answer…



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