when you are ready for intelligent politics

In this speech it is clear that Khadaffi soon will understand that the enemy can not be called the west, atheist, christian, arab or muslim.  We are all too different in many aspects to be defined under these labels. Dividing people like this is futile and you are about to understand this as well, because you have the ability to think for yourself. Yes you can!

You will soon understand that the real solution is solidarity, equality, brotherhood, food, decent living standards and population reductions, either the peaceful way with familyplanning, or else with less nice methods, like arming two equal sides and make them kill each other. There is really no choice.

The evidence for what I say can be found in the most important video you will ever see and another warning example about the Easter Island that confirms the theory.

So now let us all beg to higher powers that this enlightenment will come to us and to people around us, so that we may save ourselves, friends, family and this planet and all live side by side in harmony with nature and let it be a reduction that happens swiftly and painlessly in a decent way!

People from Sweden can already join and vote for Intelligent Union and you can start Intelligent Union in your country too!



Comments on: "Khadaffi will succeed to understand the real problem, just like you will." (1)

  1. […] …and by the way. Veganism does not solve overpopulation and the destruction of this planet. Only joining Intelligent Union does. To understand this, eat al ot of seawead, broccoi and proteins for your brain, meditate and read more about it! […]

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