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Here it is. Finally I found it. The full speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at UN that was hidden from us in our own media when it happened. He is suggesting that ‘9/11 was an inside job’:

Judge and think for yourselves!

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Comments on: "What made USA and Israel become embarassed in the UN?" (5)

  1. Tingeling said:

    Hidden? Här har vi i vart fall fått höra teorin innan. Sannolikheten är kanske större att ledaren tagit sig vatten över huvudet. Sanningen är oftast inte det vi tror utan det vi inte klarar av att tänka…

  2. Fan of Ahmadinejad?
    Things more often than not are the opposite of what they seem!

    • I am a fan of intelligence and if a majority of his people like him they will let him lead. He does in my opinion have some balls and that I am a fan of. Most leaders today has no balls at all. It does seem likely that 9/11 was an inside job in my opinion. Many things point towards this very embarrassing fact in my opinion. It means that the republicans in charge maybe killed their own civilians for money and it is being pointed out in the UN. That it is not being investigated and people being prosecuted is a strong reason for revolution for many Americans who lost their relatives. Maybe a good intelligent pure hearted leader is all they need to get it going, because when a s.c. “democracy” gets away with murder on it’s own citizens you must realise that maybe you lost it..

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