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A deeper intelligence

Since the name of the organisation I am writing for here is called intelligent union I would like to address the topic of intelligence. For those who do not know me I can just say shortly that I was grown up in a social liberal home and those values have followed me my whole life. But for 7 years until 2006 I was a rightwing conservative and the reason was because of my resistance against immigration.

In the radical right I found some of the most intelligent people in my country, at least when it comes to IQ (intelligence quotient) that most people refer to as intelligence. These people were great in statistics, economics and so on, but they had very little compassion, and a very low EQ (Emotional intelligence). In this movement there was a theory about that peoples from third world countries are much less intelligence and therefor less developed and they used statistics about IQ to show this.

Also when they looked at things like development in technology, medicine, schools, government and so on, it could seem that the west is far superior to others (except for China that is catching up with us). But how intelligent are we really from a bigger perspective?

We can build 3D televisions so that we can see the world, but people in our countries feel more alone then ever before. We can eat how much we want, when we want, but we are destroying ourselves and the other countries natural resources. We have the world’s most expensive medical industry, but we keep getting sicker because we don’t exercise and we don’t take notice to the needs of the soul and very little about the mind.

All the great prophets and spiritual leaders speak about an inner search to find the meaning of life, but in the west almost everyone tries to find it outside of themselves. A person with a high IQ can say “if we kill half the population of the world we have more resources left”, maybe that is an intelligent statement on some level, but there is no compassion or humanism in it. With this said I must say that EQ (the emotional intelligence) is not the final answer either.

For instance, if we just send more money to all the third world countries without demands, then we are just fuelling the weapon industry of their dictators. In Europe we also used to have dictators that were running our lives, but no one helped us, we had to overthrow them ourselves. We have to help the people in countries that are starving and ravaged by war, in many cases because exploitation from multinational companies in the west. But the peoples there still have to chose their direction for themselves. We can’t create democracy with bombs, like George Bush seemed to believe.

So if the answer is not found in our IQ or our EQ, then were does it come from? The answer is in the non-local intelligence, something that the quantum physics is starting to find out now that the spiritual mystics have known for millennia. A few hours before the Tsunami in Thailand, the people could see most of the animals starting to walk away from the shores as if they knew what was coming before the humans, how did they know? How do the birds communicate in the sky about which direction to take on the global map? The mystery is all around us!

When Mozart wrote his best musical pieces he said that all he did was to be quiet and open up for the inner voice. Also Einstein talked about this non-local intelligence. Inspiration means “in spirit” and there is where our deeper intelligence can be found. It’s an intelligence that transcends both statistics and emotions. This intelligence can only be found in our inner core. In the Old Testament God says “Be still and know that I am”. This sentence reveals the true meaning of our existence.

In most of Asia the inner search is an integrated part of most people’s everyday life with Buddhism, Taoism and so on. In India with Hinduism etc. In the most Muslim countries they try to connect with God everyday. The same in most Catholic countries, in Israel and in most Shamanistic native cultures they also have a very tangible connection with the divine and transcendent values. So while our countries are richer on a material level we are still underdeveloped in many other ways.

On the other hand, to be religious does not mean that you are automatically spiritual. And religious traditions can be overtaken by the ego as well as political ideologies. When we identify with a religious identity then we have blocked ourselves from a true spiritual path. Then you have confused the finger pointing at the moon for being the moon. Then you have confused the metaphor for the deeper truth. And in this sense we have greater possibilities for a spiritual realization in the west then in most religious countries.

But if we could combine the free spirituality and technology in the west with the religious devotion to the divine in many other parts of the world we could go a long way. Just remember that neither IQ nor EQ means that you are in touch with the universal intelligence which is the only reality that can guide us back to the source of being, to God!

Robert Almgren


Comments on: "A deeper intelligence" (3)

  1. It seems we have both seen God…or believe we did. 🙂 For me it was a feeling of oneness with everything that I explain as somthing socially natural and nessessary for survival. It came after sex sitting in the sunset on the beach with the woman next to me.

    If just some more of us start feeling this good God we can … yes I belive we can save the planet from overpopulation and pollution and we can do this through good intelligent political descisions.

    A jug fills drop by drop.

    Some people think we can only move society little by little in the right direction of consiousness. I believe they are right. Trying to move too fast might leave people less clear and less willing to develop. A goal must look obtainable. Therfore I believe we should help society and people step by step and also help every individual step by step.

    I believe that meditation is the best help for people to move up the levels fast. We might not reach the same levels on different areas, but we surley become more intelligent … unless it is only our egos fooling us to believe we are … and still i wonder if it is not so in my own case…by naming the network the way I did. 🙂

    I wanted an international word to illustrate the willingness for enlightment and/or illumination, wisdom, cleverness, clarity, the things you obtain in introspection and meditation. “Intelligent” fits the demand “Union” as well since I picture a Union of the mind and the feeling and oneness. It also fits well in the EU-elections when the EU is moving in a very unintelligent direction at the moment. This is my only defence.

  2. “See” and “Oneness” are the keys.
    Each of us should go in that direction.
    Only then, by personal choice, the world will turn to the intelligence that you describe. Depends on each one of us.
    It’s time to wake up now!

  3. It feels so good to read this blog. This blog is really good news.

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